Marketing Strategies For Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the most widely used platform for digital marketing of businesses and products. If you want to digitize your business, Facebook is the best platform for the recognition of your business. Facebook is used for the marketing business because it is the most widely used platform worldwide. Nowadays, almost everyone has an account on Facebook. Here we shall discuss a few of the marketing strategies which can help you in running your Facebook business page.

Business page:

There is a difference between a business page and a personal profile. So create a business page that includes unique tools for the branding of business. Your Facebook page will be liked by a number of Facebook users, and they will get updates about your business in the news feed. It is recommended to make a separate business page instead of using your profile account for the marketing of the business.

Page’s vanity URL:

When you create the Facebook page of your business, you shall be assigned a number along with URL, so that is called a vanity URL of your business page. It is recommended to make a URL that is easy to remember and share. So you can put the name of your product in the URL. This will also serve as a marketing strategy.

Cover photo:

Cover photo of your business page must reflect the primary purpose of your business. It should be creative and attractive. Design a cover page that can quickly grab the attention of the viewers. The most important thing you should keep in mind while designing a cover photo is the mobile-friendly experience of the viewers. Design such a cover photo that can easily be viewed on the screen and which inculcates curiosity among the viewers to explore your business. Keep in mind the specifications of the cover image on Facebook, i.e. 851 pixels by 315 pixels.

Profile picture:

Profile picture has a smaller area so it must be recognizable. You can pick the logo of your company or a product. You can also put the image of the consultant of your company. Facebook requires the profile picture to be 180 pixels by 180 pixels.

About section:

About section of your Facebook page will be visited most by the people when they will visit your page. About tab is located on the top left side of your Facebook page. Optimize this section by adding a brief, precise, and comprehensive description of your business that what is it all about. A viewer must get the entire idea of your business once he/she reads the description under the about section. If you want to add more or delete the added description, you can edit the description by clicking on the edit option.

Very responsive to message badge:

Badges bring credibility to your business. If you respond quickly to the messages of users on Facebook, then Facebook will give you a very responsive to message badge. This badge depicts that your page has a response rate of 90% and a response time of 15 minutes, over a week. If Facebook has not given you a badge, then Facebook will display on your page that 'Typically replies within an hour’. Your badge determines your commitment and concern towards customers. That is why the badge adds credibility to your business.


It is recommended to add milestones on your business page. Landmarks include awards, certificates, accomplishments or other significant events of your business. Click on your timeline and add the milestone option under the offer, event section. Milestone feature enables you to highlight the business accomplishments and make you stand out among other businesses.

Custom pages:

You can add custom pages on your page timeline. It enables you to add any additional feature you want to highlight about your business. By default, there are About, Timeline, Photos, Likes and More pages. You can add any promotional marketing feature of your business as a custom page.

Quality content:

It is highly recommended to prefer quality over quantity. It is not mandatory that if you post the content daily, it will add to your customer base. Your customer base depends on the quality and relevancy of your content. Your posts must be relevant and precise. Users do not care about daily posts; instead, the posts which matter to them are based on relevancy and precision. So do not post poor content in the rush of frequent posting.

Best time:

Timings play a crucial role in posting on Facebook. If you want to know the perfect timing to post on your business page, then first identify the audience, location, and region you are targeting. The timing of your post depends on the content and purpose of your post. Also, it depends on the type of business you are running as every business may have a different strategy of timing to post.