Ways to Use Instagram for Employer Branding

Did you know that recruitment is a two-way process? Besides choosing your ideal candidate, that candidate has to choose you and your company as well! Therefore, you need to present your company in the best, yet truthful, light on social media. That’s what employer branding is for.

One of the best places to showcase your brand and company is Instagram. You don't only need to build your reputation on this famous social media, but also provide possible candidates with the value proposition. But how can you do that? These are the most effective ways to use Instagram for Employer Branding and be successful.

1. Think about your target candidate

Just like running an advertising campaign or business in general, you need to know who your target audience is. Besides that, you need to create content that will attract those types of people. This all depends on the type of business you're running.

For instance, if you want to attract hard-working employees that thrive in a team and are friendly, you need to come up with the content that will lead you that way. On the other hand, if you’re looking for employees that want constant advancement and education, consider posting some educational content, organising webinars and online workshops they can apply to. That way they can get a taste of what’s like working for your company.

2. Sneak peek into everyday work life

You've probably noticed that a lot of companies post photos and videos of their workspace where people are sitting, drinking coffee and smiling. However, will that make your candidates believe you? To attract the right people, you need to show an authentic work atmosphere.

You can take a photograph of your working employees even on the simplest tasks, such as sitting at the computer. That will give people outside of your company an idea of what's it like to really work there. Consider including photos of how you spend your breaks, or how you encourage team bonding. The balance is essential if you want to attract millennial employees.

3. Company dedication

Are your employees committed to the organisation? How can you show that to the outside world? Your employees can be your best tool when attracting talents and creating a brand. Who will you trust more: a company or an objective employee working there? So, don’t forget to include them in the process of branding.

What can you do? For instance, provide them with t-shirts that show the company's logo and values. Wherever you’re going as a team, wear those t-shirts to display the commitment to the company. Also, you can provide them with different merchandise they can take pictures off and share on their personal accounts with tags and mentions of the company.

4. Don’t forget about the captions

Even though most people are attracted by the visual stimuli, that doesn’t mean that Instagram users don’t read captions underneath the photos or videos. If they are intrigued by what’s going on in the picture or want to learn more about what you have to say, they will certainly check out the caption. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect such an important part of Instagram.

How can you write good captions? Just like visual content you post, your captions need to be attention-grabbing. Use a friendly tone to catch people's attention and retain them by writing a quality description or a story in the caption. Don't neglect emojis and hashtags. These can be great for bringing more traffic to your page.

5. Show your heart

Do you want to gain bonus points as an employer and brand? It’s time to look deep into your heart and display what is there. A great way to attract attention and build an employer brand is by giving back to the community. What are the main ways you can give back to the community?

One of the ways is organising a charity night in your company for your employees and other people who are also interested, and raise money for children, homeless or ill. Don't forget to take photographs of the event and proudly display your actions. That's how you'll attract many other individuals who have never thought about your company in the first place.

6. Pick a theme

When you think about the famous companies and their brands, the first things that pop up to your mind are usually their products and their logo. Since you probably have a logo, you can use it to build an employer brand further. You can do so by creating an Instagram theme.

Take a look at the influencer’s accounts. They have many followers simply because they post aesthetically pleasing pictures. What’s stopping you from doing the same? Choose the main colours of your business, and create an Instagram theme according to them. Match your photographs by theme and attract artistic individuals who are seeking to bless their eyes with photographed beauty.

7. Use Instagram tools

Simply posting pictures or videos on your Instagram account is nowhere near enough to create the effect you’re striving for. You need to create something interesting and original that will catch your target audience’s eye and make them browse through your page to see what you have to offer. How can you do that?

Instead of plain photos, consider using Instagram tools for better activity. Try to up your social media game with IG carousels you can use for telling your story or demonstrate the process of your workflow. Besides that, you can use Instagram features, such as Boomerang, to transfer a piece of work atmosphere to your social media.

8. Display the benefits

When branding their business, many employers don’t specify the benefits the employees will get from the company. They use the usual phrases such as “great benefits and competitive salary” without realising that it only drives possible candidates away. So, consider posting some of the company’s benefits on your Instagram account.

For example, team buildings and business travelling are great benefits that may attract like-minded individuals. But what are the benefits inside the offices? Why don't you show your employees and future candidates how much you care about their health and wellbeing by introducing the best massage chairs in your premises and on your Instagram account? This way you’ll display your care for their health and mental wellbeing while in the office which is one of the biggest perks a company can offer.

9. Demonstrate company culture

One of the best ways to demonstrate the company’s culture is through pictures, videos and interactive content you can post on the Instagram account. Think about your target candidate. What kind of atmosphere would attract them? Would it be a strict formal office or a laid back one with smiling employees?

It all depends on the image of your business you want to create. So, to efficiently demonstrate company culture don’t be afraid to include not-so-formal images and videos of your employees. For instance, Friday evening barbeques could be a fantastic way to give your future candidate a sneak peek of what’s it like working for you.


Employer branding is one of the crucial things in every business. Since Instagram’s popularity is rapidly increasing, it’s an ideal social media app for promoting your business and its culture. So, what are you waiting for? Attract many talented individuals through your Instagram account.