Trusy Social And The Importance of Content Calendars

Marketing plans are a critical part of any business strategy. By staying on schedule, a marketing campaign can be run according to the needs of the company. Trusy Social bases part of their marketing success on the organization as well as content creation.

What Types of Content Are Relevant?

The phrase “content curation” is used to explain how a business engages with its potential client or customer base. Content curation can extend marketing resources by reaching a wide online audience. Some businesses have the resources to do their content curation, while many hire marketing experts.

Examples of content include:

  • articles
  • blog posts
  • reviews
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • lists
  • images

Each piece of content that is posted through Instagram must be relevant to the business. To figure out what may be considered relevant, brainstorming all the categories that could fit within the individual business is a good starting point. From there, common themes can be found.

Trusy Social is a professional marketing business that can help businesses understand what is relevant to their brand. Since social media marketing can be complex, tailored content creation is important.

All Content Is Not Created Equally

Certain types of content may be more time-consuming to produce than others. Custom-made videos may require training and a proper space with equipment. Sharing videos can be time-consuming when reviewing copyright laws. Content curation often means repurposing relevant information into new mediums, which frequently takes creativity and research.

Images are one way to create instant content that is eye-catching and can be used more than once. Instagram is a perfect platform for image-based advertising and is designed for sharing. This means that other users can essentially market for the company when they repost content from the business.

Staying Consistently Organized

There are many aspects to social media marketing that can start to feel overwhelming without a schedule. Organization is key when posting relevant content on relevant days. Depending on what time of day it is and the month, there may be more or less traffic on the site. This is useful data to have when creating a content calendar.

Marketing strategists like Trusy Social frequently use content calendars to stay on top of schedule. These calendars include when to run status updates, plan promotional activity, schedule partnership programs, and post fresh content.

Content calendars make it easy to collaborate with other individuals in a marketing team. It can also ensure that material is regularly recycled in a new form. A content calendar can provide an accurate view of the upcoming agenda and past attempts with various forms of content. Understanding “why” an Instagram account is receiving more engagement can often be traced back to the content calendar.

8 Steps To Create A Successful Content Calendar

Understand the Data

Before starting, statistics can be essential to a posting calendar. If there is more traffic on a certain day of the week, this information should be considered.

Attainable Goals Through Data

Attainable goals are formed through data. By researching numbers, there is little room for interpretation. Content calendars help keep track of a variety of significant numbers to measure an Instagram business’s growth.

Relevant Data

Data relevant when creating goals for a company include audience participation, posting times, and financial transactions. When beginning an Instagram business, many business owners choose to set weekly attainable goals rather than focusing on monthly or quarterly numbers. This can clearly show progress on a smaller scale.

Track performance

By planning out which content is posted when a business can record the numbers of Instagram users engaged with the content. This information can be used later to analyze which days and times work best for specific types of content.

Keep notes

Content is not always created perfectly when curated by the individual. Certain blog posts may need to be relaunched. Photographs may need to be altered for future repurposing.

Schedule Promotional Content

Running promotional content should be scheduled in advance. This can give a business time to promote and remind users of their brand. Cross marketing from forum sites or using interviews can also be helpful during this time.

Plan Ahead

Future ideas can be shared with others when moving forward. This can be created as a list or in a document. Many ideas for the future stem from issues of convenience. These ideas are frequently forgotten once time continues but may be worth revisiting when the time is right.

The key points to focus on in a content calendar include scheduling details and upcoming goals. Goals should be clearly defined and attainable for the time slot recommended. By consistently measuring goals, a progress chart is accurate.

Should An Online Business Use A Content Calendar?

Trusy Social stays ahead of the online marketing profession by focusing on various techniques designed for user engagement and brand awareness. An online content calendar is an optimal strategy that encompasses multiple forms of fresh and relevant content. Businesses that only post one or two blog entries per week may not see the use for it.

Successful online marketing campaigns, especially ones used for Instagram, rely on consistent updating and new content. By posting pictures and current interviews or videos, a business’s brand can stay relevant. Since repetition is still one of the best marketing strategies, it combines a traditional method with several modern approaches.