6 Smart Ways to Leverage TikTok To Increase Your Brand Awareness

TikTok is deemed one of the fastest-growing social media apps out there. In relation to this, the app is popular among young millennials and Gen Zs.


Using their phones, this free social app allows users to create, watch and share videos online.


To date, it has over 2 billion downloads from the app store, with about 15.6 million daily active users worldwide. Suffice to say, it is one of those media sensations that you should not overlook.


In this post, we will walk you through ways to make the most out of TikTok for brand awareness:


Host Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are prevalent on the platform. In fact, a lot of brands are using it to promote various deals and offers.


Usually, brands give a sponsored hashtag that contains a link to the challenge instructions. Users who wish to participate in the challenge should follow these rules before they submit their entries.


TikTok hashtags are an excellent strategy that businesses can use to expand their reach. It makes more people aware of their brand while encouraging users to engage with them.


Luckily, you now use tools that can help you measure the success of your sponsored campaigns. The existing features of TikTok alone, like view and share counts, are also helpful.


But more importantly, hashtag challenges are essential for two reasons:

  1. Boosting brand awareness
  2. Facilitating audience engagement


Create Playful and Relevant Content

Because TikTok is a platform used mainly by people in their teens or twenties, the content you need to publish should be fun and engaging.


You can lighten up your posts with jokes, or you might occasionally throw some viral memes from time to time to make your posts relevant and engaging.


Avoid overloading your videos with heavy, long, and drawn-out texts.


Instead, capitalize on visual content so that it will make information so much easier to digest. If you want your videos to be more dynamic, you can also use other elements like sound effects, filters, music, voiceovers, stickers, and so on.


If you want to publish content in text format, then make it short and sweet. You can experiment using different fonts, font sizes, adding colorful text boxes, etc.


You can also add subtitles in your videos to make them more accessible to viewers who are on mute.


Collaborate with Relevant Influencers

TikTok is a platform that has created a whole new generation of influencers with huge followings.


Usually, these influencers are widely adored by their followers, up to the point that their followers will do what they say.


So, if you want to raise the popularity of your brand, consider collaborating with a TikTok influencer.


Drive User Generated Content

One of the best ways to gain popularity on the platform is to encourage people to share content with your product or service. Usually, this user-generated content makes it easier to spread your brand message.


Your goal is to entice and motivate people to test your products and publish the video on TikTok.


With user-generated content, you'll have a leg up over your competitors. That's because people are looking for genuinely authentic brands. UGC will give the social proof that your brand needs to build credibility.


Many people these days want to talk about their experiences. No wonder more and more shopping hail and unboxing videos are getting published on TikTok.


On the other hand, such videos allow your customers to spread the word about your products and services. It also fosters two-way communication between you and the TikTok user's followers.


You would never know how a shopping haul video on TikTok can lead to referral sales.


In the same way, you can also share the spotlight with your most loyal brand advocates. This, in turn, will expand their reach and improve their social media presence.


All in all, it gives direct insights on how well your products and services perform and how you can improve on those strategies.


Keep Up With Trends

Keeping up with the latest TikTok trends can come in handy.


You probably might have come across trending dances. So, why not participate in some of these and encourage your audience or employees to do the same?


Know what your followers want to watch, and then use it as guidelines. You can start by checking the "trending" and "discover" pages.


Know what types of content do well. Look into your niche, and learn what kind of videos your competitors are posting. This will also give you helpful insights into the current trends in your industry.


Optimize TikTok Video Descriptions

TikTok descriptions are another great way to market your brand. Don't try to make them too long or crammed. Instead, keep it short, informative, and engaging.


You can also try to include catchy phrases that will get your audience's attention.


Over to You

There is no doubt that TikTok is an up-and-coming social media platform out there. But you also need to know how this platform differs from the rest. Otherwise, you cannot utilize it to your advantage.


To recap, here are six smart ways you can use TikTok to boost brand awareness:

  1. Host hashtag challenges
  2. Create playful and relevant content
  3. Collaborate with a relevant influencer
  4. Drive user-generated content
  5. Keep up with trends
  6. Optimize TikTok video descriptions


Overall, TikTok is a great platform that you can use to showcase your brand. Hopefully, you will use these tips to grow your online presence on TikTok. Good luck!