How To Become The King Of Twitter: A Guide For Novice Users

Do you want to be number one on the twittering platform? Ok, one of these guys with dozens of followers basking in the limelight of users’ attention, likes, comments, and retweets.


This task is not as hard as you can imagine. All you need is a bit of persistence and a lot of your time. Let’s start this journey together!


Carve out your niche

Choosing your topic is what you need to do at the beginning. You can tweet around your hobby as well as the industry you work in. For example, Tim Mayers created a popular Twitter thread about .Net development. Now he has 27.2K followers.


However, as a wordsmith, feel free to comment on breaking news simply! But determine what kind of news you want to discuss — economy, politics, health, or anything else. Otherwise, your account risks disappearing into a cluttered Twitter landscape.


The next step is your profile optimization. On social media, your account is a kind of mass media. It needs to be interesting, enticing, and attractive to your potential readers. So, describe who you are in a nutshell, identify what your page is about, and, of course, add your photo.

Additionally, you can share links to your other social pages or your webpage there. If you go out of the Twitter limits, use services like Linktree to pack several links in one.

Find your tribe

Naturally, you want to gain Twitter followers as soon as possible. To draw attention to yourself, just be active on the platform. What does it mean? Communicate with other Twitter people. Follow 20-30 profiles that share your topic or are interesting to you. Find hot discussion through the Twitter trends section. You can set up your location to catch all updates near you as well.

Then, it’s about time to act! Retweet posts by commenting on them and reply to somebody else's comments. Mention other Twitter accounts in your messages and respond to mentions of your page.

All these activities enable your account to keep showing up in notifications!

When your number of followers will hit the 500-1 000 mark, reach out to Twitter influencers. You can collaborate with them to run a special campaign or just agree to exchange mentions.

Finally, you can use the Twitter ad feature to make yourself known to the world.

Make tweeting a habit

Twitter is based on suddenness. Usually, people tweet all day. This is why there is no best time for tweeting! You need to be ready to share a curious piece of information with your followers anytime.

However, the main rule is consistency on the platform. You can determine how many tweets you will create daily. To be more flexible, determine the minimum of messages you post per day — say, three or five.

Don’t forget to be actual. React to breaking news, replicate popular memes, and jokes.

Try to type in your copy quickly. You have 280 characters to express your emotions or share your opinion. Punctuation marks and the upper case can (and even should) be omitted. Twitter is not a formal social platform like LinkedIn. So, be genuine and open-minded. People love it!

Master your hashtags

Although not every Twitter content creator uses hashtags, don’t ignore this super-easy way to get into the list of Trending pages and grow your following! They work as internal links. Users can dive into a certain topic by clicking a hashtag they like.

Due to text limits, you need to handle hashtags wisely. Choose up to 2-3 ones to your tweet and try to embed them into your message.

You can choose common, popular, and industry-specific hashtags to point out what your tweet is about.

Create one branded hashtag to make your tweets stand out among other content. Take a look at how the MondayMotivation team uses it.

Experiment with content

Twitter is not text-only. The platform experiments with content formats and provides new ones to retain its audience. For example, recently, they have launched Spaces — a kind of Clubhouse —  and have said Goodbye to Fleets, a not very lucky competitor of Instagram Stories.

Besides regular text tweets, you can create posts with video, GIFs, and photos. Users will certainly appreciate the content variety on your page!


Have some good manners

This tip seems obvious, but you shouldn’t ignore it.

One day all successful bloggers face the situation when it’s hard to stay polite with their audience. Yes, this situation is called Trolls. Ignoring such messages is the best way to fight them. Sometimes, you can go to private messages to comment on their replies directly.

The best part of your followers will appreciate your politeness and a good sense of humor.

Final timely tip

Signing up on Twitter, you probably imagine that your first week on the platform will succeed. You will get at least 500 followers, earn dozens of likes, retweets, and replies.

Bad news, guys! According to the Sysomos study, only 6% of all messages on Twitter are ever retweeted.

But don’t despair! Your Twitter activity will bring the results in a month or within a quarter. So, measure your success on the network over a longer term.