How to Become a Successful Instagram Influencer

Becoming an influencer on Instagram is often easier said than done. The platform boasts a user base of more than one billion people, making it incredibly difficult for anyone to grow and stand out. If you are only getting started as an influencer, here are a few tips that can speed up your journey to the top:

1.   Buy views

Buying views is a shortcut you cannot afford to ignore as an up-and-coming influencer. People see credibility in what other people already trust, and views are a significant factor when determining credibility on social media.

If you are already good at what you do and are simply seeking recognition, Famoid Instagram views can help you close the gap between you and the market leaders in your niche. With as much as 25,000 guaranteed views per post, you are almost certain to grab the attention of your targets and potentially start making money.

2.   Pick a niche

The quest for versatility is one of the main reasons influencers stagnate in the amateur phase. Every subject, industry, and niche is deep and vast, and one can only be considered an influencer if they are more knowledgeable about a subject than the average person.

If you already have a niche, all you need to do is stay up to date with the industry's progress and ensure you are keeping up with trends. If you are starting from scratch, take the time to understand what different niches require before settling for one.

3.   Work on your profile

Your Instagram profile is the first thing prospective followers examine before hitting that “Follow” button. You want to ensure it gives a summary of who you are and what you do. Your profile picture should look professional and your bio brief and to the point. Insert keywords for visibility during random searches and separate your sections for skimmers.

4.   Stick to your initial feed aesthetics

There are many things that can get a potential follower hooked. One of them is your feed aesthetic. Ensure the aesthetic you choose complements your profile and the kind of content you put out. Also, refrain from changing it often for consistency and professionalism. You might want to employ a template on all your posts and use the same presets and filters for your videos and photos.

5.   Invest in good equipment

The visual and audio quality of your content is partly determined by your editing skills and partly by the quality of your equipment. If you have a low-budget camera and microphone, it will reflect in your content, and potential business partners will get the impression you are a novice.

Ensure you have a decent camera, particularly if you make videos. If you are on a budget, consider hiring one as you make plans to purchase your own equipment. It is also advisable to seek professional services if you are not familiar with visual and audio editing.

6.   Be consistent

Just because it’s your dream to become an influencer doesn’t mean you are going to always have the zeal to post and engage your followers. Once in a while you will be distracted or even bored, and this might take a toll on your progress on the platform.

For this reason, it’s worthwhile to create a post schedule ahead of time to keep you reminded of what to publish and when to do it. There is no perfect posting frequency, as you may already know, but giving your followers new content at least once a day can help retain them. Note that too many posts can lower your engagement, so take the time to understand your upper posting frequency limit also.

7.   Use hashtags

A great deal of the Instagram user base uses the search feature to find content, and hashtags provide one of the easiest ways to enhance content discovery. Always be on the lookout for trending hashtags and try to use relevant ones in your posts.


Attaining success as an influencer is a journey that doesn’t happen overnight. You will come up against the strong competition and occasionally commit marketing mishaps before finally getting it down pat. Hopefully, the above tips will help take you around common obstacles and make the journey shorter and less stressful for you.