How To Make Your Instagram Look Aesthetically Pleasing

Nowadays everyone has a social media account, especially with Instagram. With Instagram you have a lot of benefits such as connecting with people and seeing what people are doing in their day-to-day life. But Instagram’s best function is that you can personalize it the way you want. Instagram has a wide range of options that manage to help people to create successful businesses from scratch. Below you can find some tricks and tips on how to create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account. If you are seeking to become an influencer or you just want to have a constant theme, then building a certain ¨look¨ for your Instagram account is the way to go.


Step 1: Inspire Yourself

First things first: you need to know what kind of theme you want to set for your Instagram, a cold colour tone or warm colour tone. You can always get inspiration through influencers whom you already follow on Instagram and try to create a similar theme but with a touch of your own personality and what you would like to do. Other things you can do to get inspiration about what theme you want to portray to your audience is by creating a board on Pinterest and gathering all the pictures that you think will best represent your overall vibe. From there, you can determine if most of the pictures you want to recreate or post on your Instagram will be in warm or cool colours.


Another point to take into consideration when creating your Instagram account is the type of pictures (content) you want to post. Do you want your Instagram to be more model-inspired or do you want a more chill-based Instagram? Again, through Pinterest, you can see what type of pictures you are into whether it is more posing, influencer, disposable, goth, and so on.


Step 2: Tone of the Theme

Once you have found what look you want your Instagram to have, focus on the theme. This is all about the aesthetic you want your account to have. It can be either pastel colour, single-color themed (sticking with one colour tone, for example, if you want your Instagram to have a dark blue tone to it, make sure you always use the dark blue filter which you can find on the filters that Instagram provides or with apps such as VSCO), double-coloured themed (this means your theme would be based on two colours, for example teal and orange. Therefore, your pictures would always have to have those two colours in the picture to create this double-coloured theme), pastel colour-themed (you can get this look by using Adobe Lightroom and using the temperate tool to add a sort of warmth and tint of purple, by lessening the highlights and by adding other tones to the post like blue can create the pastel look you want for your Instagram), no filter themed, and so on.


Step 3: Style of the Theme

Now that you know what tone or color you want to have for your Instagram account, it is time to pick the style of your theme. By style, we mean the approach to what content you want to post? It can be a range of things like fashion, style, a more artsy approach, landscape, food-inspired, lifestyle, minimalist, or even all of them! However, if you want to target a specific audience or if you are passionate about a certain subject like fashion, cooking, or art, you can focus on a specific one and make that a constant theme.


Step 4: Instagram Stories

How do I make my Instagram stories aesthetic as well? It’s easy!  With Instagram stories you can use templates to create the backdrop for stories or to use it as the cover photo for the individual story, you can do this by using Canva. Another suggestion to create the Instagram story aesthetic is by categorizing them. So for example if you are going for a fashion-based Instagram then the stories can be categorized as seasonal outfits, formal or informal outfits, outfits based on outings, etc. Additionally, you can add different design elements such as borders, effects and so on. Remember to maintain a constant color and use the same templates and fonts.


Step 5: Download a Planner

Are you worried that your newest post will ruin the aesthetic of your Instagram feed? No worries, that is why we have planner apps. In order to continue your theme or to make sure your overall feed looks satisfying, download planning apps such as Planoly. These planner apps are the best for organizing your Instagram without having to post and then go through the effort of deleting the post just to screenshot how your newest post will look in comparison to the rest of your pictures that you have posted. Having these apps allows you to move around pictures that you want to post in the future to see how your feed would look like with the new content you want to post without actually posting it on Instagram. Plus, you can also set a time and date for when you want to post your next picture automatically.


These steps will definitely help you create an aesthetic theme for your Instagram account and the benefit is that if enough people like your aesthetic you can gain a lot of followers which can help expand your network and attract potential collaborators.  But make sure you don't overly focus on this and keep a productive lifestyle and not get carried away by adjusting your life for the “gram”. If you discover that social media is your thing, don't forget to check out our vacancies on StudentJob and get a job in something you are passionate about already.