Best Free Tool for WhatsApp Marketing in 2022

Over the years, tech companies have been leveraging advancements in technology to design ideal ways to communicate. They want to design better communication channels to help companies build and maintain healthy relationships with their customers.

Today, consumers are using different social media platforms to communicate. WhatsApp is among the leading messaging tool that people use to send messages. In fact, over 2 billion users chat on this platform every month.

Given that, businesses have started using WhatsApp to communicate and promote their brand, products, or services. The following Whatsapp Business tools can help you run your marketing campaigns in 2022.

Why You Need These WhatsApp Marketing Tools

  • The WhatsApp Sender tools enhance customer engagement as they make it possible to reach a wider audience
  • They provide a report that helps you understand which particular marketing message was widely read by your customers.
  • These marketing tools support messages of different formats such as texts, short videos, audio, links, and more.
  • It’s free to send messages through the WhatsApp application.

Best Free WhatsApp Marketing Tools

1.   WA Web Sender

WA marketing tool is designed to help you automate your WhatsApp marketing campaign. The feature-rich bulk Whatsapp Web Business Sender allows you to broadcast messages to your new and loyal customers directly from your WhatsApp Business account.

Still, you can attach images to your WhatsApp messages using WA web. The tool allows you to upload csv files so that you can send bulk messages.

2.   Lead Myntra

The WhatsApp bulk messaging software is designed to improve business marketing initiatives through its mass message sender techniques. WhatsApp is a popular platform, and over 97% of its active users send 13 and above messages a day.

Lead Myntra is the best bulk WhatsApp marketing web panel because it supports end-to-end conversations. You can send unlimited bulk messages in the form of texts, images, or videos after filtering out inactive numbers using its system. Still, the tool allows you to generate a report to see the message open rate.

3.    WebXion Bulk SMS

The free-to-download tool helps marketers contact their customers through messaging apps such as WhatsApp. WebXion Bulk SMS integrates the essential functions to enrich the tool and provide what your business needs.

The campaign management feature gives you more control of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns by removing duplicate numbers. Additionally, you can create and schedule multilingual messages on its user-friendly dashboard.

4.    Q-Sender.Pro

The WhatsApp sender tool allows you to send bulk messages to multiple users. These messages are free of spam or duplication to active WhatsApp users. Further Q-Sender.Pro allows you to schedule the timing for sending multiple variations messages and set delays for sending them.

5.    WAAM-it Sender

The WhatsApp automation tool offers a free download option that enables you to send personalized messages to your existing and potential customers. WAAM-it Sender supports multimedia objects like pictures, emojis, links, files, and videos.

Using this WhatsApp marketing tool, you can schedule and send up to 3000 free messages per hour. Additionally, you can customize the sender ID as you send bulk invitations for events, meetings, or conferences.


WhatsApp sender tools featured above allow you to run a marketing campaign using your phone or web. You can promote your brand, products, or services by sending unlimited bulk messages in different formats and people using them.

So download any of the WhatsApp Marketing chrome extension automation tools from your site and start sending customized messages to your customers. It will reduce your efforts, thus increasing your messages’ open rate.