How To Grow Your Fitness Consultant Business With The Help Of Social Media

Fitness is a growing business now, so much so that it is almost becoming a brand now. We are all running towards becoming the best version of ourselves, and having a fit body is a major part of it.


On the one hand, self-care and fitness are becoming more prominent goals of one's life, and on the other hand, you will see the competition growing.


Today almost everyone has something or the other to say about how to get fit, and almost everyone is a ‘fitness influencer’. In times like this, how will you ensure that your fitness brand is standing out?


For that, first, you have to decide whether you are a-.


- Fitness Influencer, or

- Fitness Consultant Business.


Now, many would think that if the choice is option second, you do not have to worry about social media.




No, wrong!


Social media becomes a much larger deal when you have a fitness consultant business. It is through social media that people are getting all the news about fitness, and it is through social media that you will be able to get all your audiences.


So, you must never ignore social media.

Growing Your Fitness Consultancy Through Social Media

These are some of the concrete strategies which have been used by many before. Follow these with your personal customization, and you will have social media weaponized by the end of the month.

1. Fitness Is An Umbrella Term

When you say fitness consultancy, it is more of an umbrella term, and this is what gives you an endless series of competitors to compete with. You need to understand that the more concentrated it is, the less the competition is.


This means you are not just selecting a niche but having a micro-niche that is helping your customers to find you quickly. Once you know what you are doing specifically, you will understand the customer base of your fitness consultant business. The one you need to target.


Your fitness consultancy business could be catering to just a certain age group or gender. Or, it could be catering to a certain kind of fitness.

2. Influencers Are Your Allies

Do not for once think that influencers are not doing anything over social media. These influencers, especially the ones which have a high number of followers, have excellent persuasion power.


With just one post, they will be able to convince you that your fitness consultant business is the best among the bunch. You will also see an increase in social media traffic, as these influencers are well versed with their hashtags and shouts through ‘swipe up’ stories.

3. Social Media Optimization

Whenever we hear the term optimization, we get scared, thinking it is something that is going to cut down our creativity. Do not worry; no social media optimization will be responsible for consultancy your creative structure for the fitness consultant business.


All you need to do is add your Bio and all the information about your business. If possible, a link to your website as well. This will help your customers reach o you more easily.

4. Moodboards & Aesthetics

Talking about creativity, it does play a big role in bringing customers to your social media doorstep. Some designs state that branding designs are responsible for bringing 80% of your customer base.


Your social media is also a part of your branding design, and its audience will stick to look more if you give them something worthy to look at.

5. Lives & Stories

Lives and stories are excellent ways to engage your followers. Because let us not forget that it is the audience who can make or break your social media game plan; it is not just about getting the followers; it is about keeping them.


Plus, seeing some of the behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of your fitness consultant business can motivate them to work on their bodies.

6. Taking The Right Help

When it is time, and you have judged your own capabilities to be average, it is time to take some professional help. This is where you call upon a manager who has better knowledge about the social media marketing world and how to tweak your social media accordingly.


Having a manager will also help you learn more about the strategies.

7. Deliveries In Time

Over here, we are not talking about a product or a service delivery. Over here, we are talking about the posting time. You should never keep your followers waiting for days and weeks for a post; they eventually start losing interest.


When it comes to social media, you definitely need a frequency to post. Scheduling your post also helps you reach higher in the metrics.

Keep Measuring!

Do not stop measuring your strategy, or else how will you know whether it is working. It is all about understanding the different tools like the facebook toolkit and Instagram algorithm and setting your social media cards accordingly.


There is nothing more disappointing than hard work without the proper results. So, understand the results, and if needed, change the game plan for your fitness consultant business.