8 Best Pinterest Strategies for Small Businesses to Follow

With its elegant and pristine white background, Pinterest has become one of the biggest social media platforms for small businesses. Yet no matter how simple the space is on Pinterest, there are always a few best practices you can follow to maximize your success on this platform.


This article will list eight of the best Pinterest marketing ideas for small businesses.


1. Use a Beautiful White Background for your Images

Promoting your small businesses online has never been easier than on Pinterest. Their clean, minimalist look gives you a blank canvas to promote your business, and the large image space allows you to showcase your goods and services beautifully.


2. Hook your Audience with Useful Content Ideas

Pinterest can make you look like a hipster if you are not smart about your pinning.

One way to get more traffic onto Pinterest is by seeing what other people pin and repin. The secret to doing this is by creating pins that offer valuable content. You could also learn from Pinterest courses that will help you pin better and get more traffic.

3. Make a Facebook pin Image for Each of your Boards

Even though almost every business has its own Pinterest account, they will never post everything on every board. Therefore, it is crucial to make a full-width image in your board's description that looks exactly like the pin on your Facebook page.

If you do not have space to include a full-width image, make the pin text and the link long enough to be visible even at a small size.


4. Create a Floral Background with your Logo in its Center

Businesses often forget about their followers who are looking for a particular product but don't know which one to choose. Sometimes, they may also get overwhelmed by all the images of your products and miss out on an important detail.

That is why it is best to have a greeting that people can get directed to if they want more details on a particular product or service you offer.

Doing this is a great way to bring pinners back to your website and keep them engaged with your brand even after leaving Pinterest.

5. Don't get too Obsessive About Pinning

It is easy to get overwhelmed with love for Pinterest when you run a business. But it is important not to spend too much time managing your board and instead spend that time executing other strategies that can help you boost sales online.

It is essential to take a break and let your audience pin for you.


6. Take Advantage of your Bonus Boards

The Pinterest board allows its users to create up to ten additional boards not linked to their mainboard. It would be best to use these extra spaces by creating unique graphics that can be shared on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or even used as pin images on Pinterest itself.

These boards are also useful for businesses that want to include more information on their services and products in one space.


7. Create New Boards that Fit your Brand's Audience

Your Pinterest profile should have a unique board for each of the different audiences you want to target online to increase your brand awareness.

Be sure to keep your boards consistent with your brand image. Otherwise, your audience will be confused and may even get turned off.

But the good thing about Pinterest is that you can modify your board contents as much as you need to, so don't stress if things don't go according to plan.

8. Use Pinterest to get more followers on Twitter and Instagram

Since social media platforms share their images through an API, it is easier and cheaper to get free traffic from them.

On Pinterest, you can also get more followers on Twitter by just pinning your business' username in the board description. This strategy will increase your brand awareness and attract more potential customers.


To sum it up, Pinterest is a very powerful social media platform that can help you increase your business' brand exposure. With these tips, you can further convert visitors into customers and help create a loyal fan base for your small business. Follow these strategies and witness your business' success online.