6 Proven Twitter Marketing Tips For Growth In 2022

Twitter users are expected to grow up to 329 million in 2022, making Twitter one of the best social media platforms for promoting a business and brand.


Getting excited about getting a sizeable potential audience is understandable. Still, it would help if you stood apart on Twitter by creating a brilliant Twitter marketing strategy. Creating a Twitter marketing strategy is not rocket science; you can easily do it with our assistance.


Stay with us until the end of this blog to get your hands on a masterclass to create a successful Twitter marketing strategy.


Tips for creating a Twitter marketing strategy

A successful Twitter marketing strategy is built around doing some basics right. So let's see what you need to do that create a huge customer base on Twitter.


1.   Twitter Giveaway Contest

Giving your audience something they want is the most instantaneous approach to increasing your Twitter followers and engagement. Executing a giveaway is a fantastic way to do this. It needs little effort, costs little money, and may produce excellent results.


It would help if you gave away something in exchange for likes, retweets, and followers from those who want to win. There's also an easy way to host viral Twitter giveaways right from your website.


You can also reward those who help your giveaway go big on Twitter by sharing and referencing it. Create targeted Twitter giveaways to grow your following, engagement, and brand recognition.


2.  Twitter Landing Page

The first part of the battle is getting your Twitter followers to visit your website. The following phase determines how to turn them into qualified leads and paying clients.


In other words, consumers must have a motive to interact with your website.


You can overcome this obstacle once more by giving something away for free. This time, however, we're discussing lead magnets.


Lead magnets are freebies like checklists, swipe files, and ebooks. These can be given away in exchange for contact information, such as an email address. Creating a landing page is the most straightforward approach to getting visitors to sign up for your lead magnet. Landing pages have a specific aim, such as getting users to enter their email addresses.


3.  Embed a Twitter Wall

Don't hesitate to show off the recognition your brand is gathering on social media. For example, display all the social media feeds your brand users create using a Twitter wall.


A Twitter wall is a unique real-time representation of user-generated content around a brand's hashtag on various social media platforms displayed on digital screens. This user-generated content is in the form of texts, photos, and videos.


When you embed this Twitter wall of your social media feeds on your website, you showcase the trust that users have in your brand. Consumers look for this feeling of trust before buying a product. Your Twitter wall containing previous customers' feeds offers them just that.


4.  Post At The Right Time

The most well-known businesses already tweet on a regular basis. Therefore, you may fall behind if you don't tweet as frequently as your competition.


According to research, you should publish at least 6 times per day to maintain active Twitter participation. Furthermore, the timing of your tweets is crucial.


People usually visit Twitter in the afternoon, making it one of the ideal times to post. There are also times of the year when Twitter activity is higher.


Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are the best times to tweet if your Twitter marketing plan is focused on customers. However, if your strategy is focused on other businesses, you should tweet between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays.


5.   Make Proper Use Of Hashtags

Twitter was the first to popularise the concept of hashtags. Hashtags play an essential role in engaging your business tweets and marketing posts on Twitter. Compared to tweets without hashtags, tweets with hashtags receive 2x the amount of engagement.


However, employing more than two hashtags can result in a decrease in interaction. Without overusing hashtags, it's critical to select the appropriate hashtag for your company's demands. In addition, the content would reach a bigger audience if tweets and posts contain relevant hashtags.


6.   Keep Track Of Your Analytics

You can't improve your Twitter marketing plan unless you know what's working and what's not. So make a weekly schedule to review your Twitter data.


Trends will emerge, which you can use to improve your Twitter strategy. With this information, you can experiment with different targeting factors to ensure that the correct message reaches the right individuals at the right time.


Wrapping Up

If you have not tapped into the world of Twitter with your business, then a brilliant opportunity awaits you. Follow these tips, and you will find Twitter marketing like a duck to water.


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