7 Reasons to Invest in Instagram Marketing

According to Instagram business statistics, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business, and 44% of the people use Instagram to shop weekly. These statistics indicate that Instagram is an excellent marketing platform for companies to leverage. With an effective Instagram marketing strategy, you can grow brand awareness, launch new products, build your brand, connect with your followers in a personal way, increase engagement rates, generate leads, increase sales, attract engaged traffic, and learn about your customers’ wants. This article outlines five reasons to invest in Instagram marketing.

1.  For extended reach

Expanding your reach on Instagram helps you achieve your business objectives. Instagram has about 157 million active users in the United States, giving your business a chance to grow faster because of the continuously growing audience. Relevant hashtags such as trending, general, and industry-specific hashtags are an excellent, organic way to instantly allow users from across the globe to interact with popular topics.

Curating user-generated content, exploring Instagram stories, using geolocation, collaborating with Instagram influencers, and engaging with your audience can help extend your reach. The availability of Instagram marketing tools for your business makes it easier to advertise your business while targeting the most relevant audience.

2.  To remain responsive to your customers and competition

Instagram is a great platform to follow your business rivals, customers, and prospects. The live feed you get helps you see what each of them is up to. This is an excellent way to keep your ear on the ground to know how and when customer expectations change. Since you can see your competitors' success, you can learn a lot from their Instagram marketing strategy while remaining on top of recent developments.

3.  To access a wealth of customer feedback

Your business requires feedback to understand its customers’ views on its products or services while keeping tabs on their changing needs. Instagram is one of the best ways to gather and analyze customer insights and feedback. It lets you access a lot of customer responses without investing in survey tools.

You can get customer feedback through poll stories, ask me anything sessions, and ask followers to comment on their views and thoughts. Instagram has an in-built insight feature where you can monitor your business account’s performance, including page likes, engagement rate, reach, shares, and website taps.

4.  To build brand loyalty

The best way to build a sustainable business is to keep customers returning. For your customers to keep coming back, consider interacting with them personally while making them feel that your brand cares for them. Instagram lets you achieve this effectively and effectively. To ensure complete satisfaction, you can post original content, react to customer feedback and posts, and listen to criticism. Once customers trust your brand and are happy with your products or services, they become your brand ambassadors, advertising your business for free.

5.   To improve website traffic

An effective Instagram marketing strategy and tools can help drive traffic to your site. You can constantly change the bio links to your new collections, featured campaigns, and more to drive traffic to your website’s new additions.

Many businesses are selling their products and services exclusively via Instagram. However, traditionally brick-and-mortar companies have the most prominent presence. For instance, Nike's Instagram strategy has helped drive many sales. The approach focuses on creating a personal relationship with customers, making their marketing campaign a part of their customer care. Even when you aren't posting for a direct sale, Instagram is a crucial tool for maintaining relevance in an increasingly competitive world.

6.  For higher conversion rates

With improved visibility, businesses gain more conversion opportunities. When your brand interacts with its followers by sharing content, posting on Insta stories, commenting, and liking, they personify their brand. Taking time to establish relationships with consumers can significantly increase sales because the better impression you make on them, the more likely they're to consider your business when they need your services. When your brand actively interacts online, consumers following you will likely trust your business's credibility, increasing conversion rates.

7.  It's cost-effective

Social media is likely the most cost-effective part of your marketing technique. Signing up and creating a business account on Instagram is free and the paid promotions you may want to invest in are low cost. Instagram's cost-effectiveness is advantageous because it increases your business's return on investment while helping you retain a larger budget for other business and marketing expenses. When using paid advertising, consider starting small to see what to expect and increase your budget as you become more comfortable.


Instagram is an excellent, cost-effective marketing platform you can leverage. Consider investing in Instagram marketing to reap these benefits.