7 Social Media Ideas For Your Small Business

According to reports, over 82.7% of the Australian population are on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This percentage shows how powerful social media can be for your service business. Over 54% of consumers find products and services on social media.

If they have a good experience, over 70% of these consumers share these services with their family and friends. Therefore this is a vast market that you can take advantage of to promote your business. If you need help in building your social media profile, you can use these six ideas to attract consumers to your business:

1. Create Relevant Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags is the best way to attract people to your brand. These keywords or phrases will help your content become more visible to a larger audience. For instance, if you have an exceptional removalist service on Mondays or Tuesdays, you can create a hashtag like #MovingMonday or #Movingspecial. This will help attract more consumers and make them read your content under the hashtag.

2. User-Generated Content

You can use social media for your business to attract new followers by concentrating on user-generated content. This kind of user-generated content is where your loyal customers or influencers post and share reviews of your services on social media. According to a survey, 70% of users found user-generated content more reliable than brand-generated content. This is because audiences can identify with fellow customers who have already used your services. These new consumers see your services' reliability and can build a trustworthy connection.

3. Live Streaming

Live streaming is a good social media tactic to engage your audience as you can show them demonstrations of your services, answer their question or show them your daily working schedule. Here is some idea on how to build your business using live streaming:

  • It would be best if you hosted a question-and-answer round online so that users could ask questions about your services.
  • You can start a video about your working schedules and hours and show them how you operate.
  • Use the live platform to discuss any new features or highlights of your business.
  • You can also give your consumers free tips and tricks from your website.

4. Start Contests And Promotions

According to reports, posts that have contests and promotions get over 1000 likes and comments. This is because consumers like to win free prizes and services and will engage with such social media posts. You can hold small contests from time to time and giveaway discounted deals on your services or offers on packing products and boxes. Some ideas for your contests include sharing captions for photos, voting for different services or products, and following to get first-time discounts. You can also give away branded merchandise and T-shirts so your audience can remember your brand.

5. Talk About Your Employees

You have to build a personal connection with your target audience through social media so that they can trust you. One of the best ways to do this is to highlight and talk about the employees in your company and what they do. You can let the employees talk about their duties or demonstrate their services, or you could have the employers talk about the employees. For example, you can create short customer reviews videos & upload them on youtube and your website to gain the confidence of the customers. This will also help consumers feel more confident about your business and your employees and thus will be more willing to hire your services.

6. Engage Audiences Through Polls

Lastly, you should also use social media to listen and engage with your consumers through polls. These polls are quizzes about different services you offer and will help you understand what the consumers want. For instance, you can ask your consumers what moving hours and timings they prefer. This will give you an idea of when your target audience prefers to move, and you can adjust your services accordingly.


Social media is a great way to promote and grow your business and keep it relevant in today's digital market. Since most consumers are online, you must use the above tactics to engage with them and keep them loyal to your removals business services.