How To Use Live Instagram Wall for Events

People are aware of the power of Instagram in the marketing world. Plus also, with the rise of the Instagram wall around the events. However, creating an Instagram wall is a different ball game altogether.

In this piece of content, we will help you with brilliant ideas through which you can create a captivating Instagram wall. But first, we will understand an Instagram wall. So, let's get this party started!


What Is An Instagram Wall?

An Instagram wall is a feed of Instagram posts that have been aggregated and can be displayed on digital screens. You can even embed Instagram post feeds on your website.

You can fetch Instagram hashtag posts and profile posts using an Instagram wall tool and aggregate them in one place.

You can keep the event audience engaged throughout the event by displaying Instagram feeds on TV screens or digital screens. The Instagram wall is essential for everything from creating buzz to sparking conversation.

Furthermore, how you use your Instagram wall is entirely up to you. You can use it for weddings, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, convocations, or other events.


Ideas To Use On Live Instagram Wall For Events

Enhance Your Promotions 

Twitter Walls are extremely useful for promoting hashtag campaigns, making important announcements, and revealing offers and discounts. 

Tickers at the bottom of the Twitter Wall display announcements, attractive banners promoting your hashtag campaigns, and recurring custom posts making important announcements informing the audience about the event's important events, discounts, and announcements.

Display User-Generated Content

User-generated content is content your users create by posting images, videos, and reviews about your product on social media platforms. It adds a new and dynamic element to your Instagram Wall.

An Instagram Wall is the best platform for displaying UGC generated by your users' Instagram accounts. This can be obtained by searching for hashtags, handles, accounts, keywords, and mentions of your brand.

Displaying User Generated Content on your Instagram Wall boosts visitor engagement, builds trust, enhances brand awareness, generates social proof, etc.

At events, displaying user-generated Content can capture the audience's attention like nothing else. On top of that, it also boosts user-generated content generation through a bandwagon effect. 

When you promote user-generated Content on Instagram, people at the event get motivated to post on social media to appear on the Instagram wall. 

Showcase Sponsors' Content

Sponsors are essential to the success of any event. If you pay attention to your sponsors, you will have a better chance of attracting more sponsors for future events. Use a live Instagram wall at the event and give your sponsors a special area during the event. 

Showcase their Instagram posts on the big screen with a live Instagram wall, and add their brand logos between social media feeds to make them feel worthwhile.

This is one of the most effective ways to attract sponsors and meet their expectations of your brand. This allows your sponsors to participate in your event and encourages them to spread the word about it.

This allows your sponsors to participate in your event and encourages them to share their positive experiences on social media using your event hashtag. This allows you to raise the desired level of awareness among their followers.

Entertain your attendees while also impressing your sponsors. As Instagram walls contain charisma related to social Content, this process ensures that you get the most thoughtfulness of people.

Display Content Around Your VIPs

This is an excellent method for increasing social visibility. Follow your speakers, sponsors, and key attendees on Instagram. Mention them in posts about upcoming events. This will allow your event-related posts to be seen by the followers of the speakers and sponsors you follow and tag.

This also informed their followers about the event's happenings and activities.

Find out who the important event attendees (VIPs) are and follow them. This will pique their interest in the event while increasing their loyalty. You can also keep track of their primary interests to keep them interested in the event.

Use Gamification

Organize activities and games on your Instagram wall. Encourage your audience to participate in those activities and reward them with prizes to encourage others to join in.

The live leaderboard for these activities, including the names of the winners and toppers, can be displayed on your Instagram wall.

Best tweets, top hashtags, most active users, top influencers, best posts, photos, and so on may be displayed on the leaderboard.

Such activities make a gathering more interesting and engaging. It causes people to post about your event on their Instagram handles, creating a buzz about it and ensuring its success.


Wrapping Up

Instagram walls for events are brilliant in every aspect that you can imagine. It has benefits like customer engagement, social proof, and boosted sales and revenues.

Creating an Instagram wall is, however, a completely different task. To help you with that, we wrote this blog with all the major ideas to help you create a brilliant Instagram wall.