Social / 24.09.2009

Website Optimization - For Search Engines Or For Social Media?

by Kabir Bedi

A website can only be successful on the world wide web if it is optimized properly and is easily found by ...

Social / 08.09.2009

Social Media - Word Of Mouth Of The Web

by Kabir Bedi

Social media has established itself as a powerful business phenomena on the web. Entrepreneurs use it strategically to scale up their ...

Social / 03.09.2009

Basics of Social Media Marketing

by Neil Paige

  Social Media Marketing (SMM) involves using online communities like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious, Digg, blogs etc for marketing & promoting ...

Social / 12.08.2009

Can Social Media Enhance Your Search Rankings?

by Kabir Bedi

The popularity of social media and social networking websites is soaring on the world wide web. As business enterprises wake up ...

Social / 15.07.2009

An Intro to Social Media Marketing

by Linda Hansen

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: Wherever you go, you'll find people discussing their activities on these Web sites ad infinitum. Those social ...

Social / 10.07.2009

Engage your Market with the Use of Social Media Marketing

by Oliver Feakins

  Right now your customers are flocking to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Your competitors are ...

Social / 30.06.2009

The Advantages of Social Media Marketing

by Michael C. Gill

  Social media marketing has come a long way in the past few years. Social media marketing companies such as Facebook, ...

Social / 19.05.2009

Using Social Media To Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

by Angira Pandit

  Social media is the utilization of online communities to promote sales, create business opportunities, and increase the exposure of a particular company. ...

Social / 28.04.2009

Companies Call Social Media Marketing -Trade Show Marketing - For the Online Medium

by Oliver Feakins

  Prior to starting at a social media marketing agency, I was a corporate sales executive. Throughout my career I loved ...

Social / 08.04.2009

Using Social Media To Enhance Marketing

by Kabir Bedi

Social media involves online interaction amongst people. Talking about social media, it can include a wide variety of online sources like social ...