Social / 25.11.2020

A Pathway To Influencer Marketing On Instagram

by Sunny Popali

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is nothing new. It’s a new concept built on an old foundation. You can think ...

Social / 18.11.2020

Marketing Strategies For Your Facebook Business Page

by Sheikh Adil

Facebook is the most widely used platform for digital marketing of businesses and products. If you want to digitize your ...

Social / 16.11.2020

11 Social Recruiting Strategies to Attract Top Talent

by Emma Williams

Since the world revolves around the internet, many large and small companies decided to aim their recruiting strategies towards social ...

Social / 12.11.2020

Effective Strategies To Optimize Your Facebook Ads

by Emma Dittmer

There’s no question that advertising through Facebook is one of the most important avenues to connect with your audience. It’s ...

Social / 12.11.2020

Retargeting Ads: What's The Secret Sauce?

by Cordes Owen

When you retarget, or remarket, you’re delivering your Google or Facebook ads to users who have already visited your web site. The ...

Social / 16.10.2020

How To Tiktok: 4 Key Steps As Told By A Brand

by Raitis

With over 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok has become a force to be reckoned with.   It's offered in 154 countries, ...

Social / 12.10.2020

Efficient Ways to Visually Demonstrate Company Culture to Customers

by Emma Williams

Your company culture is vital for the growth of your company. It affects employee engagement and brand perception, but it ...

Social / 09.10.2020

Top 5 Powerful Facebook Advertising Strategies

by Andrew Simmons

That is obvious that Facebook keeps moving forward. There are more than 2.45 billion active users per month on Facebook. ...

Social / 28.09.2020

How to Manage a Remote Social Media Team

by Emma Williams

The global pandemic has forced not only the marketing industry, but the whole business world to work remotely. With the ...

Social / 25.09.2020

Up Your Social Media Game with IG Carousels

by Cordes Owen

According to a recent study, Instagram posts are more successful when they include a photo carousel – instead of a ...