Social / 08.04.2009

Using Social Media To Enhance Marketing

by Kabir Bedi

Social media involves online interaction amongst people. Talking about social media, it can include a wide variety of online sources like social ...

Social / 02.02.2009

Using social media to market to Generation Y

by Esther C Kane

Remember years ago when companies would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on getting information about their demographics? Well, if ...

Social / 30.01.2009

Social media marketing

by Rajesh Shukla

Social marketing is one of the quickly growing SEO systems. Often social marketing is a choice of small businesses because ...

Social / 21.01.2009

The Benefits of Social Media on Website Traffic

by Esther C Kane

I know, I know, everyone is talking about social media, twitter this and facebook that! What's it all about? Why ...

Social / 02.01.2009

Impact of Social Media on SEO

by Esther C Kane

Mike Seidle from Pro Blog Service wrote..."Most of our clients at Professional Blog Service come in thinking  SEO. Somewhere they ...

Social / 27.10.2008

Social Media and the 2008 Election

by Brian Easter

In the past few years social media has solidified its position as a legitimate way to market a brand, ...

Social / 23.10.2008

Social Media Planning

by Esther C Kane

Social media planning is very important - here's how you can plan your next exciting marketing campaign.           So many ...

Social / 11.08.2008

Social Media Optimization Can Lead to Better Social Bookmarking Results

by Caroline Melberg

Social bookmarking sites are an extremely valuable tool for those who are looking at all of their small business marketing options. ...

Social / 22.07.2008

How to Effectively Advertise in a Social Media Landscape

by Brian Brown

One of the toughest challenges for brands in our new marketplace is how to effectively communicate in a universe that ...

Social / 22.07.2008

Expand Your Horizons with Social Media

by Milena Sotirova

Speaking at the Supernova conference, Joe Kraus, a director of product management for the search giant Google described social networking as the ...