The power of audio on your website

When a visitor comes to your website they are looking for certain things, though we do not know what these key things are, we have a good idea what they may be.

1. A clear indication their on the right site. 2. A professional looking site. 3. A clean looking site. 4. Nice Pictures.

So point one would be your header. Point two would be your design layout. Point three would be your website can not look cluttered. Point four nice pictures humm.

So why have audio? Well when someone comes to your site it takes just 10 seconds for them to make up there minds if they will stay on your website or jump off to another website, this is known as hopping.

When someone sees your Audio button they will either think this looks fun! Or Na it may take too long to load.

So this brings me to the next point, the audio must be a streaming audio this means it loads whilst the page is already loaded.

Your audio must not be more then one minuet long, if your audio is too long the listener will get board and leave, also the file size will be bigger and loading time will be too long.

I find if the speaker is selling to me then I loos all interest so try to use the audio to great them and guide them through the website, this way you will befriend them and not come over as a salesman. have this down to an art, you can make streaming audio upload it and try out new ideas as they have a play hit counter on it, so you know if the audio has been played or even if its been played right to the end.

Being able to monitor this information will help you get the perfect audio.

I have also tried a computer voice but this did not work as well as a human voice and for some strange unknown reason a USA voice seems to work better, or even a female voice.