7 Top Tips for Affiliate Business Success

Whether you sell your own products, or you work strictly as an affiliate, you can benefit from selling affiliate products.

Selling affiliate products allows you to create upsells, as well as extend your product line.

If you want to only sell affiliate products though, it's crucial that you create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Like any business, you need to make yourself different.

Below are seven things you can do to help you quickly build your affiliate business.

1. Carefully choose your niche.

There are actually two things you should do here: Write down everything you're interested in. I know some people can start a business about anything and have no trouble selling it. Not me. I want to write about things I am actually interested in. Otherwise, I'm easily bored.

Then do your keyword research. Use a keyword research tool from Yahoo Search Marketing or Google Adwords.

Choose your keyword phrases. The lower the number of sites, and the higher the number of searches for your keyword phrases, the better the choice it is for a niche for you to build your business around.

2. Build a website.

Since you're building an affiliate website, you will want to choose several programs that match your topic. Write reviews, add articles to your site, and you can even have a blog.

In fact, you may want to use a blog instead of a website.

You can build your website using an HTML editor that's WYSIWYG (this means you can see your changes as you make them, and you don't need to know HTML). You'll also find plenty of scripts you can use to build your site. Many affiliate programs, like Amazon and Ebay, even have scripts available you can either use for free, or buy.

3. Add constantly updating content.

For the new website owner, this probably the toughest part. How do you keep your website fresh?

Many sites now make available RSS feeds, and many affiliate programs offer RSS feeds you can add to your website.

An RSS feed is simply a piece of search engine friendly code that is updated. You can integrate these feeds into your website and provide constantly updated content for your visitors.

Not only will this help you with your search engine rankings, but it will give your visitors a reason to come back. Although search engines are important, your visitors are more important because they are the ones who will buy from you.

4. Build a list.

Much has been said about how important it is to build a list. If you build a list of people who are interested in what you have to sell, then if you market to them regularly, eventually you will make the sale.

Although this is important, there's another aspect here that's seldom discussed.

When you build a list, you are recycling your traffic. You are making the traffic you get work harder for you. This is very important. You can get a lot more from your traffic with your list. By reminding others you are there, you are more likely to make the sale.

5. Write your own sales materials.

Although many affiliate program owners will provide you with sales materials, it's better if you write your own.

Most new affiliate make the mistake of using what the affiliate program offers. The problem here is that the ad or other materials may have been seen hundreds of times already. Most will just click away.

You don't have to have a degree to write good sales materials. You just need to understand what others want and then give it to them. This means emphasizing the most important benefit a product or service offers.

6. Avoid marketing techniques that don't work.

Although many internet marketing newbies are guilty of this one, some seasoned marketers also make the same mistake.

FFA pages, safelists, and other marketing techniques simply put a ton of junk mail in your inbox. Even worse are those who fall for these sites that say, "Email 100 Million People with the Click of a Button".

The problem here is most likely you are spamming people, me included, with your offers. Other than being guilty of spam, you've just sent out an offer that isn't targeted.

Let me be clear. I'm a woman. I don't care about penis enlargement, and I'm straight so I could care less about making some other woman feel good in the bedroom. If you're sending out this kind of untargeted offer, you've succeeded in being marked a spammer, and you're in my trash.

Why waste your time? I might be Southern, but it doesn't mean I'm a sucker for your offer.

7. Add bonuses to your offers.

Whether you should add bonuses to your offer really depends on how expensive the product is. If you're selling a $10 product, then writing a review about the product, or an article, should be enough.

If you're selling products around the $97 range and up, you really need to give visitors a reason to want to buy from you.

Running an affiliate business is really like any other business. You need to make yourself different. Although there are plenty of ways to make money from affiliate programs without building a list, or a website, you can squeeze more profits from your affiliate business with a little extra effort.