Top 10 Magento Tips and Tricks

Magento Customization and SEO Tips

Magento has founded more than 250,000 stores worldwide for its dedicated eCommerce application, valuable features, and endless customization options. It allows merchants to start with as low as they need and expand with the passage of time. The addition of products and categories is made simple with its enticing user interface. If you have started your web shop recently, the following tips and tricks can help you a lot in carrying on the basic customization and conversion optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

1. Start with Meta information

Magento has built-in options to fill Meta information for CMS, category and landing pages. Make the best use of these fields by customizing the title, and description. A search engine friendly Meta description comprises 155 characters.

Make sure to cover most of the product information in this character limit along with the keywords as well. And, continue with the addition of relevant keywords to the fields marked as Meta keywords for each website page.

In addition to the Meta information, you can add product name, price, and other attributes in rich snippet. It displays valuable product information in SERPs that increases the click through rate of your online store. A quick tip is to install Magento snippets extension and peacefully make the amendments. 

2. Write compelling sales copies

The content of a website remains the king whether you need to optimize a CMS based website or an online store. It is the content that makes the users understand a product in a few lines. So, make the starting paragraph as compelling as you can.

The sales copy of a product page must have the power to compel the users reading the entire description. Usually, a visitor reads the first line of the small description and continues to scan the entire page if it interests him. Add those elements of interest by writing the core features, benefits and unique selling point of the product or service you intend to offer.

3. Create a blog

Every small or large business needs a blog to communicate with their target audience informally. The landing pages, most of the times, do not allow displaying more than necessary information about products. So, let the users know about products in detail and keep them updated about new arrivals, a blog is considered to be an effective tool. It works as a publishing tool on your Magento based website which allows you to share valuable content along with selling products.

Magento Customization

4. Create multiple store views

Magento allows you to create multiple store views with different languages. A local store may work fine with a major language on its website, but a nation-wide business may surely need to display products in multiple languages. It is a step forward towards expanding a business.

If you are starting in a town or city, and plans to expand to other parts of the country or reach across the border, you can simply create a store view to let the users of another ethnic background understand your products.

5. Customize Add to Cart button

The customization of an Add to cart button has a key role in optimizing web pages for higher conversions. Magento allows you to customize the color, design, and text to make most out of the Add to cart button.

You can try changing the Call to action according to the consumer behavior. The eCommerce websites often carry A/B testing on the Add to cart pages with a variation of text, size and color, and end up with the most result-oriented one.


6. Set difficult password and login IDs

The hackers usually try logging into websites by guessing the passwords according to the details they get from the merchant. For ease of entering and remembering, we often set passwords by pet names or phone number. To avoid any mishap, you need to set difficult passwords that do not include a word or phrase from anything that is publicly known. 

7. Two-step authentication

To further strengthen the security of your online store, you can consider two-step authentication. It can be answering a secret question in addition to the login ID and password. IT puts another layer of safety the web presence of your business.

Additionally, you can configure getting a secret code on your mobile phone whenever you need to login to the control panel. It serves as a foolproof security measure because it removes the ambiguity of the secret question being cracked. You get a message on your phone that is auto-generated and unique.

Boosting conversions

8. Create a rewarding system

The online buyers prefer the eCommerce websites that pays them back in shape of rewards, gifts, and discounts. Merchants using Magento are advised to easily incorporate a reward system on their website to encourage users place orders.

Rewarding shopping points is not only helpful in converting users into customers, but it also yields a higher retention rate. In pursuit of collection more points and saving more, your customers will surely return with a mega shopping plan.

9. Simplify the checkout process

The checkout page is the final destination where a potential buyer rethinks again for placing an order. A checkout process involves summing up the transaction amount, filling personal details, and providing shipping as well as billing information. To boost conversion, you need to simplify the checkout process.

The simplification starts with improving the design and fields of the checkout page. Remove the fields that are requiring users to provide information that is neither relevant to the products nor the company. It is a waste of time to make the users fill unnecessary details. Additionally, you can add custom options and replace the multistep checkout process to a single page.

10. Offer daily deals

A dedicated tab on your Magento website is highly affecting in increasing conversions. The new users tend to find discount offers and deals as soon as they land your web shop. You can entice them with a dedicated section of daily deals to let them browse the products they may not be interested in purchasing. It allows the merchants to expose the less demanding products in the deals section, lower down its prices and clear the idle stock.

Final Thoughts

The online stores are required to continually make changes to its appearance and design for better user experience. The merchants cannot sit aside with a function because it obsoletes with the passage of time. If you incorporate a live chat feature today, it may not be helpful after a year or two. So, an eCommerce website has to be customized accordingly. With the above tips and tricks, you can make enough changes to streamline the conversions and pursue more.