7 Best Noteworthy Resources For Learning Web Design

The most obvious questions popping in your head includes:

  • Where can I learn to code?
  • Which best online web design courses should I go for?
  • Which platform is best for coding?

These resources are both paid and free, and also, they range from blogs to professionally taught class room courses. Today, we are going to discuss following topic

7 Of the Best Noteworthy Resources for Learning Web Design

Give it a look:

  1. HTML Dog
  2. W3Schools
  3. Codeacademy
  4. Udemy
  5. Medium
  6. Team Treehouse
  7. GoDaddy's Garage Blog

Let us discuss them in detail:

1). HTML Dog:

You can even learn the 101 of web design using this tool and you know what the best part of all is? THIS IS COMPLETELY FREE OF COST! Yes, you heard me right. This is one of the best options to go for if you are a beginner. You can cover all the basic concepts of web design. It contains written articles with a few visuals and no interactivity covering the guides for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2). W3Schools:

W3schools is a very fruitful resource for those who want to learn web designing in depth. Not only this but also it offers various other hundreds of courses to learn. It is a step- by- step tutorial that includes introductions to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages. Also, it contains other specific additions to your website such as search tools, animated buttons, navigation bars and drop-down menus as well.  Did we forget to mention that it is free of cost as well?

3). Codeacademy:

Codeacademy consists of both paid as well as free courses. This platform has more than hundreds of courses on web- design and programming. To walk you through concepts and practices, there are also designed, interactive classes available in the course. No matter if you an intermediate or a beginner, you can try codeacademy containing all the skill set guide along with advanced and beginner versions. So, after making your concepts clear in the beginner level, you can move forward to advance level. There are lots of free courses available but we suggest you to try premium version to get the concepts clear in detail. To master you at all aspects, there are practical lessons included with the course.

4). Udemy:

The thing that we love in Udemy personally is options. Whenever you plan to go for a course, there are a lot of options available on its portal. Even you can choose the most likable instructor from the list of instructors there. It offers hundreds of courses and a library of curated tech and business courses.  Each course comes with a detailed curriculum, so you can choose the one that fits all your requirements. Also, to ease your search of best course, there are some suggested, high rated list is available. In addition to this, you can ask for suggestions or answers for some course related question to the instructor directly by commenting in the portal. They will help you throughout until or unless you are completely satisfied with their answers.

5). Medium:

This is the right platform if you are the one who is willing to learn something extra- ordinary in the design part apart from widely available clumsy design tips! ON Medium, you can learn all the UI techniques to make your design stand out from the rest. Also, it is completely free of cost. You need not to spend a single penny for learning from this platform.

6). Team Treehouse:

It has a solid course library which offer individual courses as well as recommended tracks to follow. Not only web-design and development tracks, but also it offers business and “digital literacy” Treehouse courses as well. You can even comment on the quality and enthusiasm of the instructors and can ask for suggestions from time to time.

7). GoDaddy's Garage Blog:

have you ever purchased domain from GoDaddy? Yell, you must be thinking, every business purchase to make their presence on internet. What’s special in that? It’s well and good if you have purchase domain but have you ever visited the blog section of GoDaddy? Visit the web designer section of the blog which is filled with tips and guides for developing your website. It consists of large number of categories for different areas of web design and web development and of course, those are absolutely free of cost.

Time to sum up

These were 7 of the best resources for learning Web Design. As you can see, most of the listed resources are even free of cost. What’s the barrier in between you and your dream if you are getting these amazing courses for free or even by spending a small amount of money? Well, it is absolutely worth the money. Don’t think much, grab the course and start learning from today!