What Are The Emerging Trends In Web Development In 2019?

Users expectations are growing and to meet their expectations developers need to design more engaging digital experience. Make sure that website can be accessible everywhere, any time, and it must be compatible with mobile devices.

There are lots of ways to optimize web development in 2019. So, here we are listing the most promising trends in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has established its roots in the IT world. Now web designers are deploying the AI in the labor-intensive part of the development and only leaving the important tasks for the human developers. This made web development cost-effective, efficient, and easy.

Retail websites also utilizing Machine Learning and Chatbot to provide better user experience and more efficient shopping assistants. Once customer searches for a product on a website then Machine Learning analyzes a similar or related product and then recommends the most suitable option for the customers. A voice search will also be a big thing in 2019.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) have made websites mobile friendly and reduce the loading time of web pages. AMP will be the biggest trend in web development, not just because it is supported by Google. It also provides a seamless user experience.

Progressive Web Apps

Web developers have been working for a long time to make the desktop browser equally work on mobile browsers. The AMP project fill this gap pretty well but the smartphones become the most used browsers. So, developers need to optimize the websites to provide a better experience on mobile phones. Here PWA comes into play, that provides the app experience on the web pages.

Extensions will become universally compatible

Traditionally, browser extensions have been developed with a particular browser in mind. For example, a chrome extension is coded according to the chrome browsers and cannot be compatible with Firefox. Now the developers have to code the extension with the broader compatibility function in order to meet the user's expectations.

IoT integration

As the technology getting more and more smarter by the year, the tech projects that require to connect billions of devices will be connected within the next couple of years. To achieve this kind of success web developers needs to integrate the IoT into their devices. This technology has the capability of changing the web development process.

Motion designing will be big

The engagement of modern users is decreasing day by day. To keep your users for extra minutes developers need to add new ways that have the capability of attracting the new users. Integrating motion designs attract more users. Motion designs include video illustration, 3D image viewing, and animations.

Developers can take the benefits of single page applications.

Single Page Application (SPA) uses the JavaScript to load all the relevant content in a given page and in one go so that a user doesn't need to keep reloading for the new content again and again. This makes the browser fast, fun, and interactive for the users.

Any developer who can understand the importance of reducing the bounce rate of the website as per the SEO perspective cannot ignore this trend.

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