Dead Website Trends for a Better Online Era

Like fashion, website trends come and go but some rest in peace. They never come back and we are better without them. Now you will ask why? Well, some things are important to say goodbye as there are better and easiest ways of enjoying the experience.


Below are such websites trends that didn't even stood a year. 

  1. Skeuomorphic Design

You must be wondering what is this term. Well, skeuomorphic design is the study of creating items on websites similar to the items in the real world. Technically speaking, it is the process of adding a 3D effect in a 2D or flat surface with the help of effects like shadows, highlights, contrasts, and details.


Why did the industry kill it?


Well, the intentions behind skeuomorphic design were not wrong as it was supposed to ease the user’s eyes to understand and identify the image by adding clutter and visual noise. However, in order to add clutter and visual noise, it was very complex to update and develop it in the future.


  1. Bad Stock Photography

Have you ever thought why people and business owners are hiring web design company in New Jersey and developers in the current era? Well, it is very simple people do not like to watch an image that has bad picture quality. Gone are those days when people used to request their neighbors, friends or colleagues to design their website. One thing more about being glad that bad stock photography came to an end was that it never builds up credibility or trust with the clients.


Why did the Industry Kill it? 

The competition is very high and one small wrong thing can give you painful bounce rates. There are several websites that are fully determined to give the best stock photos and some even for free. When you are getting stock photos of good quality without paying much then what is wrong in using eye catchy images.


  1. Autoplay Ads, Videos, Media

Autoplay Ads, Videos, Pop-ups, and other Media can make the experience of a user frustrating, vexatious, disturbing, aggravating. We believe that you must had experienced the race to read the content mentioned on the top of the website.


Why did the Industry Kill it?

We cannot say that it has died fully as many web design company in New Jersey uses it. No doubt it is very irritating, frustrating, and distracting but along with that it increases bounce rates and creates distrust between the website owner and the audiences. Remember, your audience is the priority and you cannot force them to see something that they don’t want. The media should be their own choice that is if they want to watch they will by themselves.


Design in a Silo 

Silo cannot be used if you want to create a polished, engaging and fine website design. However, days are gone when making a beautiful website was enough to attract people towards the websites.


Why did the Industry Kill it? 

A website that is attractive but does not access properly. Do you think that it is useful for your company’s online presence to bear bounce rates? The purpose here is to understand that along with the gorgeous display of the web site, it is important to carry it's effective as well.


Conclusion: Website trends come and go but some say a lifetime goodbye and such trends were mentioned above. You must be giggling and thanking God that they are not ruling the internet world now. Thank goodness, we have new trends that are making our online experience easy and wonderful.