Who is winning the race? Custom Web Designs or Website Templates?

The most alluring virtue of a business owner in today’s time is that he/she is ready to narrate their story on the web in the most attractive manner. The more alluring the style of the story is, the more are the chances that the business will embark itself in the strained market of today.

Initiating the online venture should be interesting and fun, but at the same time, hard work and constant effort have to go parallel in order to get the desired outcome. Wanting a place that reciprocates your ideas is perhaps the key feature that any of the business owners would want to have, here is where the custom web designers come in handy and play their role in providing you with a platform that caters your needs.

There are multiple options that a business owner can opt for when it comes to selling themselves through the internet. It usually narrows down to the most generic ones, website template, and custom web design-these two platform work as an aid for the business owners where they can create an outlook for their venture. Both of the modes help out in their respective capacity, one may be quicker to work with, the other may deliver exceptional performance, each of them has its own perks and uses.

  1. Custom Web Design

Perhaps a decade ago uttering the word ‘template’ would have been considered as a taboo when dealing with a customer. Avoiding this word at all cost was the prime motive of all the custom designers, even if they did use it, it was instantly followed with an explanation of why the word template was spoken on the first place. It has been a common practice by the clients to use the phrase “the design looks more like a template."  Since then onwards using the word ‘custom’ became more like a fashion statement and then a need later onwards.


Why would I pay a web developer to build a custom website for me when I can buy a website template?”


The custom web designers make sure they serve at the best of their potential in order to satisfy their customers and eventually the users at the end because gaining the attention of the users is apparently the utmost goal, from providing a perfect form to putting in a qualitative content. Building an appropriate roadmap from setting the personalize themes which gives a peculiar and doesn’t let other sites meddle into yours.

What does a custom web design have to offer?

With the aid of custom solution, it is by every means possible for the developer to edit almost everything, not leaving any aspect that could leave a glitch for the users. Also, the business can then also make time to time amendments according to their preferences.

The considerable edge of getting a custom web design is that it will by every means make your site look strikingly different from the crowd and will also provide a cutthroat competition with

the competitors in the saturated web environment. Custom sites being more search engine friendly tend to gain a higher ranking than any website template.

Custom websites tend to perform a dual function, it not only habituates in an efficient way with the needs of the business but also caters by providing a room for including the company’s branding too. The scalability factor which is linked with the custom websites helps massively in boosting up the business’s growth.

For whom a Custom Web Design is suitable?

Not every business possesses similar kinds of needs. Each of them has a different requirement that needs to be catered accordingly. A custom web design is best suitable if you want a search engine-friendly, scalable and unique website. The add-ons that complement the custom web design is the benefit of CMS, a long-term investment that helps you save your money

Disadvantages of Custom Web Design

However, once you have decided that custom web design is your approach to a flourishing business then be prepared to have a dent on your pocket. Fancy things don’t come easy; to get all the craft you need; you have to pay a hefty amount. Secondly, the tedious work that goes into the construction of the custom website is for more than what goes in a website template. Which is why it takes longer to create a custom website than a template, resulting the website being subjected to delays.

Also, a website builder may help you to create a site on nominal charges , and perhaps this can be a good starting point but if the budget you are following is a very strapped one. However, the website builder might lack in SEO essentials which may not have a good outcome. There is also a substantial amount of back-end coding which the developer may overlook.


  1. Website Templates

Website templates are predesigned web pages which already have all the basic features instilled in them. You can without putting in extra effort customized them accordingly, such as adding blogs, images, videos, etc. There are more than thousands of templates that are floating on the internet that can be used according to the preferences. The quality varies from template to template, one may be easy to install while others might be easier to work with.

Templates and its pros

People who opt for template usually want a generic site, that is, their site is going to be fairly basic and not feature filled, thus its development cycle will be shorter. When the site does not have much of customization to be done it automatically cuts down the costs that go into the making of the website template. It also cancels out the requirement of wanting or being a coding whiz, even a layman who has no knowledge of HTML or CSS can without putting in much effort create a website template, which is why people prefer website templates over custom web designs.

Drawbacks of Website Templates

If you plan onto creating a new website using a template, you are basically on your own all along, taking every decision on your own. The professional web developers know the intricate details of how a website functions and they can help you choose the best suitable options which will optimize your business needs. Creating a good website is directly proportional to getting a productive outcome. The best decision to opt for your business’s website will be the one that makes the company stand out and makes it function in the best possible way for the consumers. The site needs to have the capacity and the ability to meet the demands of the visitor, it is probably an important asset. Templates definitely seem like a convenient and go-to option to construct your own site but in the long run it does not appear to be cost effective.

Templates are so easily available on the websites so the chances that your competitors might be using the same template are pretty high. This will make your website vanish into thin air in the cyberspace and most likely appear to be a rip-off. When you buy a website template, it’s not easy to customize it according to your needs. Fitting web elements such as images, videos and texts are challenging with website templates.

Website Template has its consumers

If your pocket isn’t allowing you to spend hefty amount and long hours with complicated web designing than a website template is your go-to resort. Opting for a website template also comes in handy when you are not sure which website design will suit best with your business needs because then choosing the website template is the safest option as it has a tendency of looking apt on most of the business sites.


Website template and custom web designs, both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. It eventually comes down to the requirements of the business and personal preferences that will have an impact on the choice you make between the two. A website template will happen to be a convenient option for one business and getting a custom-made website would be a troublesome process for another. The business owner has to be wise while making this decision.