How a Responsive Website design can help to boost your business

key points on how a responsive website design can grow your business effectively.

If the word “Responsive” in the context of web designing has bewildered you, then relax. A responsive website design merely means creating websites that adapt to the viewer’s viewing devices, be it a desktop, tablet or a mobile phone. The primary goal of a responsive website is to ensure that all the content in the website renders differently on the viewers’ screen, irrespective of its size. It helps to provide the viewer with an optimal experience, irrespective of their method of accessing the website.

Every web design company in Mumbai takes the appropriate steps so that the layout changes as per the screen dimensions and maintains a consistent response. With the use of mobile phones surpassing the population of desktops and laptops in the recent years, businesses have realised that it is mandatory to have a responsive website in order to reach their potential customers.


Through this article, we shall explore the ways a responsive website can benefit your business:


1. Enhanced Mobile Traffic: More people are now preferring to access websites using their mobile phones than desktops, given its mobility and convenience. It is therefore becoming increasingly necessary for companies to ensure responsiveness so viewers do not encounter distorted images and misplaced text.


2. Minimised Maintenance requirements: Having a dedicated mobile website needs separate testing and support, while the responsive design makes use of standard testing methods so that the output is customised for every different screen. A responsive design means lesser problems and maintenance issues for the design team, developers and the site owners. This allows more time to focus on doing other things like content creation and marketing.


3. Quicker mobile development within the budget: Making a single responsive website takes lesser time than building two websites, one for desktops and the other for smaller screens. Though the initial investment may seem higher, the maintenance costs are much lower and hence the recurring expenses are quite lower.


4. Lower Bounce Rates: Your website visitor gets a much better user experience when he or she accesses a responsive website. This, therefore, means that the user will spend more time on the website exploring it and checking out its content and webpages. However, if the website isn’t responsive, the user is likely to move out quickly, thus leading to higher bounce rates.


5. Better loading times: Every web development company in Mumbai strives to ensure that the pages load faster and the lag is at its minimum. Responsive website design does that and more. Attention spans are getting smaller and if visitors find slow webpages, they tend to abandon that website quickly.


If you do not have a responsive website till now, make sure you get one. The above mentioned reasons are more than enough for you to take this important step to give your business a much-needed boost.