Why Integrate Chatbot in Your Website: Benefits Earned

Chatbots Have Taken Over the Traditional Approaches of Customer Management Which Enables Better Communication and User Engagement.

As technology is proceeding on the path to automation, it has introduced many concepts that are used for implementing newer and better usabilities in the existing solutions. Therefore, as the modern world is processing further and further, the business concepts are also required to be refreshed and updated accordingly. The introduction to the concepts of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have changed the drift of the IT industry completely. These two technologies have started to revolutionalize the older approaches and concepts of businesses with facilitating better and brighter business opportunities.


Introduction to Chatbot

A chatbot is basically an application that is designed to prompt on a webpage when a user clicks on it. A chatbot is used to provide the human-like interaction experience to the end-users when they are asking their doubts or are looking to solve their queries by contacting the person on the other side of the line. It actually stores the set of answers for each common query raised and replies to the users accordingly. 

Though being a great application to put to use, the use of chatbots is limited owing to the lack of knowledge on the appropriate usage and also because of the budget limitations. Being an integral part of Artificial Intelligence universe, Chatbots are also used to resource the potential clients and they are also enabled to learn from the user behavior and adapt to newer questions and answers provided (fed) to them. As chatbots are basically distinguished among 3 types, using the one suiting your business is recommended:


1- Service-Based Chatbots

These chatbots are designed to answer the user queries based on the keywords added in them and an appropriate set of keywords target a specific answer to the query asked. Therefore, this type of chatbot is more inclined towards the traditional workflow of the user query and keyword-based answer retrieving which sometimes causes errors or leads the app to confusion. Similar kind of keyword sets made in queries leads to answers that generally don't match and reduces the efficiency and impacts your reputation badly. 


2- Contextual Chatbots

The actual ones powered with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts, contextual chatbots are more inclined towards learning from the responses and indulging into quick replies. As the chatbot keeps on learning from the responses generated, it gradually adds up in providing better user experience to the end users asking their queries through it.


3- Support Chatbots

These chatbots prompt options or menus that drive the user to the final solution for the query they have asked. Therefore, limited by a single domain, the support chatbots are a work-flow follower and are not Artificial Intelligence driven. Being the most basic kind of chatbot, support chatbots are majorly put into use for FAQ sections or for business process documents.


Benefits of Using Chatbots

Chatbots own their pros and cons for the businesses out there. As there are various business niches providing excellent services through chatbots, the benefits of it are sure not to miss.


Continuous Support

As the chatbots are programs only, there is no down-time in using them. Therefore, you can efficiently serve the customers with the best of your services throughout the time. As it eliminates the requirement for customer support representative and provides you with a 24/7/365 support that answers to every query of the users, it elevates the user experience provided through the customer queries and also solves their doubts efficiently.


Increases User Engagement

As chatbots are providing continuous replies and there is no down-time in between, it surely increases the user engagement through effectively interacting with the customers and it is proven to be providing better services than the human interaction. As the customers get quick replies from the system, it surely increases user engagement. Providing excellent services to customers, you can integrate an excellent chatbot developed when you hire dedicated developers who understand the business needs and understand the requirements well. 


Saves Expenses

If you hold a business targeting the customers located at different places all around the world speaking different languages, it implies that you will have to hire the fluent communicators who can answer the queries raised by them and ensure efficient communication is done. However, for the customers speaking different languages you are required to hire more than one representative which is pretty expensive. However, using a chatbot helps in saving on such expenses as it eliminates the requirement for hiring more staff as you can code the chatbot to follow the language constraints and train it to efficiently answer the user queries well.


Track the Patterns

As chatbots implement the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts, they can be programmed to efficiently track the patterns of customer's buying behavior and others. As tracking these patterns helps in developing an understanding of customer behavior and ultimately it can lead you to construct a better business strategy that follows the customer needs and ensures your business gains success in the competitive market. 

Therefore, chatbots are more than just a piece of technology for businesses as it supports their business goals throughout and helps in developing better usability and ensures customer engagement throughout when the website or application is put into use and customers are using it throughout.