How to Make Your Website Pop With Great Photos

If you’re looking to make your website look sharp and really POP, then adding excellent photos is a great place to start

Photos are extremely important, no matter what type of website you have, and can be the difference between having a visually appealing website, and one that just doesn’t look good.

Making sure your photos are clear – not grainy – and are sized properly are the obvious things. But making sure your images stand out and really pop is an entirely different thing.

If you have original photos on your website (like you should), here are some tips to make your website look really, really good.


Brightness and Contrast

There are lots of things you can do to edit your photos in Photoshop to make them stand out. The brightness and contract are the most obvious but are often forgotten about.

Adjusting these two things can make a huge difference in your photos so they look really great when someone first lands on your site. By adding contrast, you can make your images look better by making the colors pop.

Just be careful not to make the images too bright.


Merge Multiple Things Into One Image

Taking advantage of space and having multiple products into one image is a good way to make things stand out. Especially if done right, you can give your website visitors a good look into who you are with one or two images, just by combining a few things.

If your website doesn’t deal with products, then you can still take advantage of space by combing multiple things into one picture.


Shadows and Reflections

Here’s another easy photo editing tab that can make a big difference in your images. By adding a reflection or a shadow, you can really change the way your images look.

It doesn’t have to be anything too noticeable; in fact, the less noticeable the better but it will give the photos more life. Just make sure you stay consistent with all of your images


Keep It Consistent

Make sure your photos are all somewhat the same. And by that, I mean that they follow some sort of trend or similarity. Having the background, images, and everything else blend into one is important when you’re creating a great website.

To create consistency in your photos, you can think about keeping the same background, using the same colors, and keeping subjects at the same distance through all photos.


Don’t Use Stock Images

It’s just so easy to spot a stock photo these days when you’re online. There’s just something about them that screams cheapness and it shows the lack of effort and creativity by the company or website.

You can easily get the equipment to take photos yourself, or you could even hire someone to take some images for your website.


Just Take Good Photos

The easiest way to make your website pop with great photos is to just take good photos. If you take better photos for your website, then the editing process is easy and your photos will naturally stand out.

When you take better pictures, your website will naturally appear more authentic and unique. If you take cheap, bad photos for your website  – or even worse; use stock photos – your website will reflect the lack of effort and your visitors will see it immediately.

Your website traffic can be the backbone of your business so make it look good. By taking great photos, editing them effectively, and designing your website with a modern feel, your website can turn some heads and open new doors for you.