8 Highly Recommended Agile Project Management Tools To Use

It is undeniable that agile tools continue to develop. It remains to be the best choice of a variety of business enterprises for project management. There are elements considered in identifying the best agile project management tools.


Its criteria contain task management, project assessment, team collaboration, analytics, integration and feature set. The affordability of the tool is also considered. Here are some of the most recommended agile project management tools:


1. Clarizen

Clarizen combines content, work, and operations into one platform. It allows you to easily access everything that you need in a simple program. Its workflow automation is flexible and efficient, designed to save time and energy.


This tool is devised to support agile and hybrid methodologies. It incorporates project planning tools, integration systems, powerful dashboard, and other PPM basics. It also features portfolio optimization and task automation. This is the best agile project management tool for recurrent projects.

Cost: $60/month/user


2. Active Collab

Active Collab covers a multitude of project management solutions. It includes budgeting management, document operations, communication, and task control. This tool is ideal for running several projects at the same phase.


It is perfect for small enterprises with its affordable and easy to use structure. Active Collab features a simple layout and commands to help start-up companies.


 Cost: $49/month/15 users


 3. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is highly recommended for project managers accomplishing multiple projects. It accommodates messages between users, velocity tracking and project outlook. It is best for managing project-based tasks.


It also features great workspace, burn-down charts, analytics, time-tracking, and integration. Its integration involves more than 140 extensions including Zendeck, GitHub, Jira, and Bugzilla.

 Cost: $12.50/month/5 users (Free for 3 users)


  4. Monday.com

Easily manage your agile project with monday.com. It is a simple tool with a smart dashboard that allows users to collect data from several project boards. This is flexible and adaptable to suit the varying needs of different companies.


Moday.com also features a task board that can be modified depending on your workloads. It also has an engaging lay-out which let you share file and communicate tasks smoothly.

 Cost: $17/month/2 users


5. Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is a visual project management tool that’s built to help teams accomplish tasks efficiently. Drag and drop tasks from one project stage to another with Kanban boards, track progress with checklists and estimates, and communicate with teammates through task comments.

It has an Agile Sprints feature that lets you prioritize tasks effortlessly. Hubstaff Tasks also offers custom workflows that allow you to automatically move tasks forward and assign them to team members with a single click.

Cost: $5/month/user (Free for 5 users)


6. Zoho Sprints

If your company requires collaborative work, Zoho Sprints is the ideal agile project management tool. It provides timesheet reports, meetings module, flow diagrams, and built-in integrations. This integration incorporates JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket.


This is the best tool for team projects because teams can get live updates on every activity. Its system features a project dashboard for each project and an instinctive backlog. This backlog allows for easy planning and task management.

Cost: $80/month/25 users (enterprise price)


 7. ProjectManager.com

ProjectManager.com is a versatile project management tool. It is known for its flexible features allowing users to maximize this platform. It is also ideal for collaborative works with its built-in integration.


You can choose what project views to use. These include primarily task lists, Gantt charts, and kanban boards. It is an award-winning pm tool that combines project planning and task optimization.

 Cost: $15/month /user


8. Kanbanize

Kanbanize is an expert on workflow automation. It helps project managers organize work and track projects efficiently. It is also designed with smart analytics to assist users with intelligent predictability.


Kanbanize tools include kanban boards, card hierarchy, time tracking, email integration, and business automation rules. Its goal is to achieve organizational transparency and work efficiency.

 Cost: $6.60/month /user


Diverse agile tools have different strengths and unique selling propositions. It allows users to choose from these different qualities to perfectly match their needs. It is also important to consider your organization's processes to select the most appropriate tool to use.