Best 10 Online Tools to Create Infographics that Inspire

Traditionally, infographics have been considered as a difficult tool to carry out, although they are very useful to order the information, facilitate its understanding, or illustrate presentations and works. Today, thanks to many applications or computer programs, anyone can create them.


A team of California developers launched Infogram a few years ago, a service whose mission is to be able to create infographics in a very simple and intuitive way, and with tremendously attractive results. You will have at your disposal multiple templates that you can use to display information of all kinds, or even combine between them to add new information. Once you have it, you can embed it on your website or share it for other purposes.


DesignCap is a multipurpose tool that offers the possibility of creating your own presentations, reports, web content, and also infographics, based on a series of aesthetically attractive templates, all through its website. It offers a variety of elements such as charts, maps, modules, shapes, lines, and more. The free version allows you to create fantastic infographics without difficulty in minutes and download or share it via social media directly.

Data Wrapper

It is a platform that has maps, tables, charts, and lists to create very versatile infographics. It allows you to paste the information into a table, export it from Google, from 'xls' files, or from external links. Once created, it is possible to share the work from the web page or insert it in a different one. It offers a free version with limited functions and a paid one.


The section of 'Infographic maker' in Befunky allows you to produce different forms of graphics. It is a completely online tool, so there is no need to download any file, and it has multiple predesigned (and customizable) templates that will adapt to all kinds of models. The document will be divided into several pages that form a presentation of the project.


Visme is the most versatile content creation tool that allows you to create engaging presentations, professional infographics, and other stunning visuals online. There are thousands of easy to use templates, millions of images, and thousands of icons included. Over 50 charts and data widgets, plus the ability to import from excel or connect to live data, let you visualize your data easily.


Canva was originally an online graphic art and design service. But among its possibilities is also to create infographics. And, they assure, the entire creative process is based on dragging and dropping the elements that you want until you find the desired result. Starting from a template, you will be able to modify it and adapt it to your needs and requirements.

Dozens of templates are those that offers as a starting point. Choose one of them - or choose a public infographic - to enter a very intuitive editor with which you can start customizing your own infographic. You can use most options, although some of them will be unlocked through small micro-payments with which you can give a different touch to your creation.

Google Charts

Google Charts is not one of the most exclusive tools for creating infographics, but rather a platform with which to create your charts. With the potential and ease of use of Google Drive, Charts covers the most visual part of the data and will allow you to export or embed these graphics in other documents (web pages, office documents). The good thing about Google Charts is that it is completely free, very versatile, and has a programming engine with which to personalize even more the creations.


Again, a specific platform to create infographics is called Piktochart. It is based on more than 500 templates that you can take as a basis to customize at your whim, and according to your interests. Everything is done online, through a browser, and the results can be saved both in the cloud and exported to other formats to take advantage of other documents.


A service that is also focused on the world of infographics is called Venngage, and in addition to having licenses for personal use (free), it offers special features for the education sector. Their priorities, they assure, are in the possibility of telling stories, data, or presentations in a tremendously visual way.