5 Killing Tips for You to Create a Professional-looking Logo

If a good profile photo is essential for a social network, the logo has the same effect when it comes to building a brand and its identity. That is why this post shows you 5 tips to develop a compelling image with your logo and stand out from all the competitors that abound on the Internet.

Times have changed radically and developing a small or medium-sized business is not as far away as it seemed in the 20th century.

Much of this phenomenon is due to the facilities offered by new technologies and the massive connection that the Internet has reached. Therefore, communicating a new brand is much simpler than before.

Now, for this, it is critical to have a logo that conveys what you need and makes your brands stand out from the competition since there will always be a lot. The logo, among other functions, will be your face to potential clients. Besides, it will convey the most important thing about your brand.

Now, the key question is how to design a unique and memorable logo.

  • First of all, it must be Unique and must not be confused with other brands, especially those that are highly recognizable, such as Coca - Cola, for example.
  • Second, it must be memorable, enter the user's memory, and be recognizable to a possible search.It must also be relevant: the logo must be related to the product or service we offer or, at least, justify that it is not. Is it a good idea to put a gorilla in our logo if we offer hamburgers? That will depend on the work you do.
  • Last but least, the logo should be versatile and straightforward. The pompous or loaded is often difficult to adapt to different platforms and generates a desired pruning effect on the consumer.

With that said, let's go over 5 key tips for designing a logo.


  1. Do not neglect the sketches

When creating a logo from scratch, all the preliminary work is an obligation to visualize the project, detect successes and errors, and conclude a satisfactory result. No matter if it is a design made in Photoshop or a simple sketch on a napkin, consider the whole process when coming up with a logo. Also, the online logo makers, like DesignEvo, should have a logo layout too.

  1. Size matters

Another key when creating a brand identity is to take into account the size of your logo and how it adapts to the different space that it will occupy. Your logo should look good in all sizes: a mural, a small avatar, a T-shirt or a banner. That way, taking into account proportions, as well as relationships and locations, will make the logo difficult to forget.

  1. Choose the right color scheme

One of the great challenges when creating a logo is not being tempted to use colors impulsively.

This aspect must be one of the most rational and thoughtful, since they will accompany you in all other aspects that make your brand's identity, such as packaging or social networks.

Therefore, there are some golden rules to keep in mind: use colors that are close to each other, do not go overboard with bright colors, the logo must be able to look good in black and white and, finally, if you are going to break the rules, let it be for good reasons.

  1. Take good care of typography

Many brands tend not to pay attention to typography, focusing more on images or designs. It is a grave mistake that many times end up resulting in an ineffective logo.

There are also several golden rules here:

  • Try serif and sans-serif, italic, compound, and custom fonts.
  • Avoid heavily used fonts.
  • Like the entire logo, the letters must adapt well to different sizes.
  • Using the same font is usually better than combining.

  1. Daring to be different

Last but not least, there is a bet on the difference. It is something that repeats ad nauseam in Resources for SMEs. If you are not different, why are they going to choose you?

If you want to create a website, being different in a logo shows both originality and courage. It would be good if you always kept in mind the essential rules mentioned above, but stretching them a bit can make you find pure gold.

Have fun trying and trying, that success is not usually in the traditional.