Make Your Website Stand Out in 2021 with These Tips

Nearly everyone and their uncles are online. Because of the pandemic, businesses have migrated to the interwebs, happily carving out a nice niche for themselves and their customers. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy internet “streets,” you may find it harder to catch the eye of potential customers.


How do you increase your appeal for the masses? What do you need to do to make your website noticeable and drive traffic into your page?


How to make your website stand out

Search engine optimization

Let us start with the basics. You want to drive traffic into your website? Then optimize it for SEO. You’ve probably heard of that or some variation of that statement when you did your research into building your own website. However, it’s not as simple as slapping on a few tags and calling it a day as far as SEO is concerned.


You need to have a solid SEO strategy. Your website is not the first to have keywords attached to it for search engine optimization. To set yourself apart from the rest, you need to strategize.



  • Keep yourself abreast of any changes in search engine algorithms. Search engines change their algorithms to optimize performance. You need to pay attention to these updates and changes and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Make your tags accurate. This will help drive the right customers into your website. Also, make sure that you put in description tags.
  • Properly link articles on your website. Broken links that lead nowhere will give your site visitors the impression that you have a buggy website. Proper linking will also draw attention to the less visible aspects of your business like other services that you offer apart from what your business is known for.

Make it engaging

Did you know that there are an estimated 1.2 billion websites on the web as of January 2021? Hundreds of thousands of websites cropped up within the past year, with thousands more being made, revived, or even lost before the current month ends. With all these choices for content, it will be challenging to catch the eye of your average customer.


This is why you need to make your page engaging. Make it fun, eye-catching, and enjoyable. (And if you are on a tight budget, there are tons of free images in the web.)



  • Upload unique videos and pictures, but make sure that these are relevant to your business and the overall appearance and feel of your page. Customers consume visual data the way a starving person consumes sustenance at a buffet. Visual data is not only pleasant to behold but also easier to mentally digest than blocks upon blocks of words.
  • Create games or challenges for your customers. Nothing drives traffic into your page quite like the promise of a prize. Make your challenge meaningful and impactful and your prizes something you know your customers would want.
  • Make sure that your visual media is not distracting. Too many videos or pictures in one page will make the page data heavy. This means that it will take longer for your page to load which does not bode well for customer traffic.
  • Make your article titles interesting but not clickbait material. There is a fine line between tasteful and outright pandering. Make sure your title also matches the content of your article. Misleading titles will leave a bad impression and can be considered clickbait.

Make it as user-friendly as possible

There are an estimated 4 billion people on the interwebs at any given time. And much like in the offline world, heavy traffic can cause delays.


A website that is user-friendly will see more visitors than a laggy, hard-to-understand page.



  • Make your website mobile-friendly. People access the internet on their phones more than they do on their computers. Ensuring that your website translates well in mobile interfaces ensures that your customers can gain access to your website no matter where they are. You reach your customers much better and your customers can get access to your services without having to power up their laptops or desktops.
  • Make it secure. Word travels fast these days. If someone tags your website as unsecure, you will see a huge drop in traffic faster than you can say anti-virus. This is why you need to ensure that your website is safe and secure. Cybersecurity is as important as physical security when it comes to business.
  • Add a personal touch. With all the lockdowns and quarantines brought about by the pandemic, people are looking for connection. Adding a personal touch to your website that addresses each customer’s unique needs will increase the number of repeat customers and visitors. This is easily achieved through various AI tools available online.


In order to make your website stand out among your competitors, you need to ensure that you have a good SEO strategy in place. You also need to have content that is relevant, eye-catching, and engaging. And most importantly, your website needs to be secure and provide a more personalized user experience.