How Can You Convert CR3 Images to JPG

About CR3 file format

CR3 is a new RAW image format that Canon digital cameras have been using since 2018. The image format enables the user to perform a series of adjustments in the post-processing of an image. Due to which a majority of professional photographers use it to shoot in RAW format.

This file extension is a Canon Raw format that brings superior quality reproduction of the scene. The CR3 format is featured it C-Raw option that makes your files 40% to 50% smaller compared to the regular RAW equivalents. It doesn’t cause any reduction in the image resolution. The benefit of using this file format is that you see a very little reduction in image quality.

A CR3 format is a file extension for “Raw files” intended for Canon Digic 8 processor digital cameras. It is quite the same as that of the lossless image format of TIFF. These files are large and enable modification of images.

Not all the computers and devices have started supporting this new file format. What it means is that not everyone will be able to view them, unless they have specialized applications. To open, view, convert, and modify these CR3 files, it is important to provide an access to the editing software platform that is capable of reading them.

Drawbacks of CR3 Files

Now let us see the drawbacks of the CR3 format, due to which you need to convert the CR3 file format to JPG file format. Not all types of software packages can open CR3 RAW files. The best solution is to convert CR3 to JPG.

Another drawback is that CR3 files can’t be edited using 3rd party software. Due to this, it is required to store settings in a separate XMP file. This implies a greater level of storage and stricter file management.

Furthermore, raw images such as CR3 files are not suitable for sharing on the web. They are also not supported by key image viewer or browser. As this format is very much new in the market, not all software and apps offer support for this format. You may need to wait till your preferred application offer support for this file format.

How Can You Convert CR3 Files to JPG?

reaConverter is a leading software program that enables single or batches conversion of CR3 files into JPG format. This is a fast, extremely efficient, and simple way to deal with CR3 files.

So, here is the list of steps to use reaConverter to do the file conversion.

  • Download and Install the software from the official website. The best part of this software is that it is small in size that downloads fast. The software is also quick to install and launch. You do not have to be an IT specialist to understand the features and operation of the software.
  • Load all the .cr3 files that you want to convert into .jpg
  • Choose Output Folder where you want your newly created .jpg files to be saved on the system
  • Choose JPG as Output Format
  • Press the Start button. Your conversion will start in no time


Now you can easily share the JPG images which can be accessed on all computers and portable devices.