The Best Programming Languages to Learn This Year

Programming languages exist to accomplish many different business goals. Because of this, if you are planning to learn a new programming language in 2022, it’s important to do your research and make the most informed decision regarding the best one for you. Choosing a programming language that is in high demand can help to make your career as a developer more fulfilling and make it easier for you to find employment offers.

What is a Programming Language?

Like people, computers communicate objectives using a range of different languages. Programming language is a term that is used for the range of existing languages that software developers make use of to program scripts, applications, queries, and more. Programming languages have their own structure, rules, and syntax. Some will only work within specific applications and are proprietary, while others can be used in a more widespread set of applications.

The Top Programming Languages to Learn Right Now:

There are various programming languages that are an ideal choice for learning right now due to the fact that they are currently in high demand. There are various ways to learn a new programming language including online resources that you can use to teach yourself, coding bootcamps, or college degree options such as this online masters in software engineering from Baylor University. The top programming languages to consider learning right now are:


C is described as a ‘low level’ language, which means that programming using this language requires some knowledge of the underlying computer hardware. While this can make it harder to learn compared to other programming language options, it will allow you to code with better performance, which has a significant impact when developing applications such as special effects software for movies, video games, or parts of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. C++ is a programming language that has been derived from C to slightly simplify programming. C++ is better suited for app development, while C is mostly used for key sections of apps or embedded systems. Both of these programming languages have stood the test of time since C was first created in 1972 and C++ came on the scene in 1985.


In recent years, the interactivity of websites has significantly increased. While all websites are built on a foundation of HTML and CSS, JavaScript is crucial for a great user interface and UX. With a wider range of industry-standard tools now available, programming in JavaScript is easier compared to in the past. JavaScript is an ideal choice of programming language for developers who have a keen eye for aesthetics or are interested in improving UX since these professionals are likely to excel in a career as a front-end engineer, UX developer, or web developer. However, it’s important to note that JavaScript is not limited to the front-end of a website; the NodeJS platform now allows developers to create back-ends to power mobile apps, web applications, and more.


Java is one of the most popular programming languages for developing the back-end of a web application or general service application programming interfaces. Although it has a very similar name to JavaScript, it’s important to be aware that these two programming languages are actually very different. Java is a more complex programming language in comparison with JavaScript, which often means a steeper learning curve for developers. However, this complexity also leads to higher performance, especially with the ability to break work up into smaller tasks that can run at the same time with multi-thread work, unlike JavaScript, which uses a single thread.


Swift is a programming language that is exclusively used to by Apple’s product line including iPhones and iPads. While initially, this might appear to be a limiting language for a developer to learn, it’s important to bear in mind that the Apple App Store accounts for almost 70% of mobile consumer spending on applications. Swift was introduced by Apple in 2014 to replace its own language inspired by C, named Objective-C. The decision to introduce Swift was made to lower the barrier to entry for developing apps for iOS, with a programming language that is modern and easy to learn.


Python is a very popular coding language and a great choice for those who are learning to code for the first time. It is well-known for having clean code that is easy to both read and write. It is a very versatile programming language that makes it highly effective for a wide range of different uses from video games to web applications. Recently, Python has seen a rise in popularity in the fields of machine learning and data science.


Unlike the other programming languages listed here, SQL or Structured Query Language is used for the main purpose of querying data. SQL data queries are submitted to servers that will then return the information requested. Although it is a standardized programming language, there are several variants of it including Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. SQL database servers will power a large range of apps and websites. They are used to store information such as posts and user profiles. Learning this programming language leads to career opportunities beyond mobile or web development, including career roles such as data scientist or business intelligence analyst.

How to Choose a Programming Language:

Choosing the right programming language for you to learn will depend on a number of factors. The first thing to think about is what you want to use the language to develop. Swift or Java might be a good place to start if you are interested in getting into app development, for example, while aspiring web developers will usually find that JavaScript is a crucial language to know. If you are interested in getting into a career in data science and analytics, you’ll need to know SQL. It’s also important to consider how you learn best; if you tend to learn hands-on, something simpler and straightforward like Python can be an ideal introductory language for you.

Today, coding is one of the most in-demand skills in the tech world. These are some of the most sought-after coding languages to consider learning.