7 Best Tips To Design A Cryptocurrency Website

Cryptocurrencies are already reigning as valuable investment options. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Shiba Inu are already making some people rich. So it’s an excellent time to buy bitcoin or any of the best-valued cryptocurrencies.


But investment is not the only way to make money from cryptocurrencies. You can also create a cryptocurrency website and monetize it while feeding your interests in this trendy subject.


But you may need help to create a cryptocurrency website that attracts the audience and creates credibility and value. On this website, we have gathered the seven best tips to develop your much-awaited cryptocurrency website.

Cryptocurrency Website Design Tips

Here are the seven cryptocurrency website design ideas for creating any cryptocurrency website. These tips will help you create cryptocurrency magazines, consultancy services, blogs, etc.


Gather The Primary Elements Of Web Designing

There are a few things you need to gather first before creating any website. Here is a list of those essentials.

  • A web hosting plan is necessary, so make sure to choose one.
  • Now you need to decide on a domain name that is easy to remember.
  • Technical knowledge is necessary. If you know coding, javascript, and CSS, you will have an advantage. However, many website builders are now offering built-in features to make designing websites easier.


Hire Professionals

If you are serious, it would be better if you hired some professionals. The best website designs come out from the collective effort of UX Designer, UI designers, Web Developers, SEO Specialists, and content strategists coming together.


Take Inspirations

If you want to get to the top, I would suggest getting inspiration from the top. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency websites set great examples of premium website designs that add a professional aura to their websites.


So, why not take inspiration from them?


Audience Friendly Content

You may agree or disagree, but the content is the core element of any website. You created your website to cater information about cryptocurrencies. All the websites out there exist to offer well-written information on their respective niches. 


Please make sure you create good quality content for the audience so that they get to learn a new thing/ get new information every time they visit your website. Always remember to provide information for the novice audiences as well as the advanced ones.


The new audiences will know about basic cryptocurrency-related information like blockchain, cryptocurrency mining, and other general information.


But the advanced audiences will like to get cryptocurrency industry-related information that helps them with investment and crypto arbitrage. So what you can do is create two different sections to offer both types of customers what they want.


Cryptocurrency Web Designing Themes

While the previous tips build the base for your website, the WordPress themes decorate your website and create the visual appearance of the website to attract the audience. So, WordPress themes are essential when it comes to cryptocurrency website design.


Here are two examples-



This theme is an award-winning cryptocurrency WordPress theme, and it offers an attractive design. The theme comes packed in with a cryptocurrency calculator and allows building the website without coding experience. In addition, it loads quickly and offers great support.


There are multi[ple header variants, shop, ICO history timeline, more than 600 google fonts, custom widgets, and multiple colors and skins. 



Crypterio is also a great cryptocurrency WordPress Theme. It has-

  • Simple design.
  • Shows real-time exchange rate.
  • Many premium plugins.
  • A Cryptocoin converter.

Apart from these themes, there are several other themes that you must check. Some alternatives include Javelin, Stratus, Pursuit, etc.


Colors On Your Website

Colors play a very significant role in your website’s design. You can use colors to convey different kinds of feelings, ideas, and tones of the website. Colors will make the audience connect more with your website.


Different colors have different exposures. There are warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors like red, orange, yellow relay passion, strength, determination, success, youthfulness.


Cool colors like green, blue, purple are good at showing trust, integrity, loyalty, ambition, etc. Using a balanced mix of warm and cool colors for your website is the best way to create a great-looking website that builds trust, loyalty, and recognition.


Learn from The Competitors

On this side of work, you will already face some prominent market competitors. IOt will help you if you try to learn from their success as well as drawbacks. You can try to offer more if you know what the other websites are offering.


Keeping track of your competitor websites is probably the best way to grow your cryptocurrency website. 


With these tips, you can create the best cryptocurrency website that offers more to the audience who always love to stay updated. These seven tips contain all the most necessary elements for cryptocurrency website creation.