Top 10 Banner Design Ideas For Best Google Ads Performance

High-traffic websites use banner graphic advertising, or display advertising, to encourage brand awareness, generate more leads, and re-target the audience.


Banner ads started way back in 1994; almost at the same time that consumer internet became a thing. Many years and a variety of marketing campaigns later, digital advertising still accounts for over $124.6 billion annual revenues as a primary platform for marketing. 


In this article, we will discuss the 10 best banner graphic design ideas so that you can maximize your Google Ads results.


But first…


What is Banner Design?


A banner design is any static or animated media that are placed in the high-visibility areas of a website. A banner graphic is a rectangular graphic display that is stretched on top, bottom, or either side of any online media property. What started as internet-specific advertising now revolves around the personalization trend for digital marketing. It is now common to see targeted banner ads that work as if the companies are speaking directly to the targeted audience.


It functions just like traditional advertising wherein the content is targeted towards the audience with increasing conversions as the goal. Unlike traditional advertising, however, marketing through a banner graphic is paid in a couple of ways, namely: cost per impression, cost per click, and cost per action.


For the first one, the host site is paid for every website visitor who can see the banner ad. The second one pays the host only when the visitor clicks on the ad that serves as a link to the advertiser’s website. As for the last one, a visitor must not only click on the ad but should also complete a task, like signing up for a newsletter or purchasing using the link.


Banner advertising has developed tremendously over the past years. In 2019 alone, the online ad spending for banner advertising was a total of 31%. It shows great returns even for major social networks, like Facebook, with almost 42% paying for online display advertising in the same year.


Unlike other methods of advertising, a banner ad is generally not interruptive. Its success, however, lies greatly in its creative quality. Meaning, it will only work if you will have an effective design for a banner graphic.


Advertising on different media channels is not a one-size-fits-all scheme. Some displays work best when it is concise and delivers a clear meaning at a glance. In some instances, videos are preferred because they can explain a complex concept. Whatever style you choose, capitalizing on the strengths of your banner graphic is what will enable you to tell a comprehensive story.


Why Use Google Ads to Grow Your Business


Google Ads helps business owners to deliver unique ad experiences to potential customers. With online display ads, consumers can see compelling campaigns that elicit excitement. As for the marketer, banner advertising fosters creative thinking in such a way that they are encouraged to create more intelligent banner campaigns.


Among the many benefits from using Google Ads are the following:

1.  One-to-one Marketing.

Targeting your ads enables you to reach an audience that has a very specific interest—your products. Relevant ads are more likely to get noticed by target consumers so there is a higher chance for conversions. There are different ways of targeting but Google Ads helps by providing some choices that you can utilize such as using Keywords, Ad Location, customer demographics, and more.

2.  Efficiency.

Needing to change the banner graphic designs quickly is possible with Google Ads. The ad assets, or spaces, can then be used right away without having to re-traffic or make drastic changes for future campaigns. This reduces the workload from your creative team while still enjoying the same traffic that you have gained from previous campaigns.

Banner advertising is also efficient in terms of delivery. It can reach a broader audience, especially with the help of the Google Display Network. This tool lets you choose where your ads will appear. This is very efficient and cost-effective compared to blindly utilizing other advertising mediums. You can analyze according to customer demographics, income brackets, topics, and any other parameters so that your ads will show up to the people who are exactly you want to reach.


3.  Visually Appealing.

Well-designed banner graphic ads have plenty of power. You have the freedom to experiment on how you can capture the interest of an audience. Google even has tools that will give you remarkable results even without the need to hire a professional graphic designer. The ad-building tool does not only help with creating compelling designs but will also run your ads more effectively so that it reaches your market segment.


4.  Measuring Success and Campaign Management in Real-Time.

Having Google Ads for your ad campaigns makes it easier to manage and monitor accounts. You take control of all your ad accounts in a single location. It already comes with several tools to let you monitor and edit campaigns even offline. This makes it convenient to update and edit campaigns at any time.


Google Ads gives you specific and valuable data that are essential in evaluating your campaigns’ success. You can monitor whenever customers click on your ads, download your app, purchase from your store, and even track their orders. There is also a tool that gives you insights into your consumers’ spending habits. With this, you can quickly see which ads work and which ones are needed to be changed.


5.  Scalability.

Google Ads does not demand a minimum advertising price. This gives you the freedom to choose how much of your funds should be allocated for Google Ads. You can choose to pay per month, per day, per ad, or only when a customer clicks on your ads. Since real-time data is provided for each campaign, you can quickly analyze where you should put more effort in and where it is smart to invest in more ads.


The beauty of online advertising is that there are plenty of opportunities that you can reach potential customers. You can design a killer banner graphic and your customers will be able to see it using multiple devices. This only means more chances of increasing brand visibility and awareness and, ultimately, more sales!


Top 10 Banner Design Ideas For Best Google Ads Performance

It might be a little bit confusing at first if you are new to creating display ad designs. Don’t fret, we have some of the best ideas to get the job done so you can improve your display ad performance:

1.   Get Standard Banner Sizing.

If you are starting and cannot afford to pay for banner ads in all sizes, you can choose to have the most successful banner sizes according to Google’s Adsense. For example, have the 728x90px ad size for the Leaderboard. A large rectangle at 336x280px or a medium rectangle at 300x250px is also big enough to place your logo and add catchy one-liners to entice customers.

2.   Use Eye-Catching Images.

Captivating photos and graphics make a good impression. The human brain is instantly attracted to images and can translate the meaning behind photos even without any text. Amazingly, when a person gets interested in a picture, it elicits a desire to learn more about it, hence clicking the ad for more information.

Image source

3.  Utilize Strong Headings.

Short but captivating headings will draw customers into your ads. Emphasize your heading by using a variety of font colors and sizes that must be different but still complementary to the rest of the ad.

4.  Tickle their Minds with Minimalism.

Image source

You should build momentum when you want to bring a message across to your customers. While you want to give the full details, leaving some of the details behind using a minimalistic design will have them anticipating. You can try having teaser photos that give hints about your new products. Using silhouettes and a countdown to the date of the reveal is also an exciting idea.

5.  Have One Offer at a Time.

Do not confuse the audience by throwing a lot of offers in one go. When having a sale, for example, you can simply state that a huge price-off campaign is ongoing and that they simply cannot miss out. Do not go around advertising that some of the items are discounted at 20%, some at 30%, and so on. Let them discover what you have to offer.

6.  Experiment with the Fonts and Colors.

Image source

It has been established that colors convey a lot of meanings. You must be careful in choosing which colors to use in your campaigns. Aside from studying its meanings, the use of colors should also be according to your brand or the specific campaign you have to establish a brand association.

As for the fonts, it will depend on the products that you want to promote on whether you need to accentuate regular texts. Generally, a striking font and color are reserved for the header. The rest of the texts can be regular or italic to give more details about the event on the header.


Another thing to consider when choosing fonts and colors is when you are designing an ad for a specific website. It is a must that the ad blends in with the rest of the website so it does not stick out like a sore thumb. Being able to compliment the website does not only make the ad good but will also make it look like a reliable resource. Users will not be afraid of clicking it because you have earned their trust.


7.  Use Animations.

Animations can draw attention more quickly than static images. The key is to use visually pleasing animations that are completely done within 15 seconds. This will immediately grab attention but will not annoy the viewers too much. Do not forget, though, that animations are larger in file size. This should be considered when putting up ads as they may affect the loading times of the website.

8.   Match the Ads to Your Website.

After successfully enticing the audience to click your ad, let them know that they are on the right website with a matching landing page. If possible, have the same catchphrase you used on the ad. It is not only about maintaining brand consistency but also reassuring the audience that they are on a real, functioning, and authentic website instead of a scamming page.

9.   Add a Call-to-Action Button.

A CTA gives the users a chance to interact with your team. Make it a strong one and not similar to just any other ad. Words like “Click Here!”, “Order Now”, and “Learn More” are not enough. Instead, you can try “Click to See More Specials” or “Ready for More?”. It should be in an instinctively clickable shape, visually engaging, and speak out the message.

Image source

10.  Measure Your Ad’s Success.

Google Ads gives timely reports for click-through rates, amount of conversions, and so forth. Have this as an opportunity to measure your success and see which ads are working or not. This will allow you to make adjustments or to completely scrap the campaign and work on a new one. The important thing is that you will be able to carefully tweak your campaign and immediately see its strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, this will enable you to utilize your time and funds well so you do not waste resources on ads that do not deliver admirable results.



Aside from being one of the most prolific forms of online marketing, banner advertising lets you showcase your business in the most affordable, effective, and measurable way without being interruptive. Following these tips will allow you to create a persuasive campaign that is not only attractive but also relevant to the needs of your customers.


A well-designed banner graphic ad is very powerful. It greatly improves site traffic and dramatically increases brand awareness. Both are important if you are after driving conversions and sales up for your business.


Ready to design the most incredible banner graphics?