What is Chatbot and How Is It Changing Customer Experience?

We live in a constantly changing digital revolution. We can see evidence of AI which is also known as Artificial Intelligence in nearly every situation that includes interactions with chatbots to virtual assistants. Chatbots are just one aspect of AI technology and are gaining more prominence in the world of communications. Simple bots can help with questions, and also complete routine tasks for companies so that employees can become more productive while customers get more efficient service. The most sophisticated bots use AI to aid in understanding complicated requests, improve interactions, and offer to individualize the responses.


When it comes to custom-made application development The technology is still in its early stages. Therefore, the majority of bots adhere to set rules which are designed by a human using the bot-building platform. A bot is a program that simulates the conversation or chat of natural language using mobile applications, messaging apps websites, or even via phone.

With an increasing number of companies looking to integrate bots into their workflows, The need for custom development services to build bot solutions is on increase.

Chatbots can immediately replace mobile Apps

The rapid growth of chatbots began in the first quarter of the year 2016. In less than six months, the major tech companies introduced their chatbot development platforms or developed their own, or both. Today 85 percent of all customer interactions are managed by human involvement. It's not an entirely new idea of bots replacing mobile applications. The technology field is always going through significant changes and bots are a part of the many. Nowadays, the creation of bots within a company that develops custom software is becoming a trend. The trend began with the advent of browsers replacing the desktop OS, forming their new operating system. Just as web-based websites are replacing client-server applications chatbots for messaging will soon replace mobile apps.

What is the reason why chatbots take over mobile apps immediately?

Since Apple introduced their store, in the year 2008, smartphone applications have enjoyed a fantastic run. Because they're fast and easy to use, they have migrated across tablets, smartphones, and laptops, as well as televisions, watches, and TVs. They've evolved into the primary user interface for people to communicate with their smart devices in all forms.

Because a lot of smartphone users are exhausted and don't want to expand their usage rate, the use of apps has reached something of a plateau. However, apps aren't outdated, but the rapid development of new apps isn't able to keep up. The duration of use for apps increases, but it is not the same for variety. It is predicted that just a handful of apps will be able to survive. They will become the primary platform through which we interact, play, and collaborate.

When evaluating the different elements in the User Interface, all mobile applications and websites are an information collection. It could be compiled into one messaging app where chatbots could offer all the services. Chatbots can substitute mobile applications and perform various tasks through conversations as a primary type of interaction.

Benefits of Chatbots

  1. Staying on top of the latest trends Customers are more likely to communicate with brands via chat because it's more efficient and easy to use. They now can have greater reach to customers through chatbots and remain current.
  2. The majority of users use core apps like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp which is why they no need to search for new apps. Therefore it is better to integrating your bot with one of the platforms that people use regularly is superior to making a completely new app that can save time and cost.
  3. Increased Customer Engagement: Making sure that your customers are connected to your brand is essential. Companies that connect with their customers via social media can increase customers' spending by 20-40 percent. Chatbots can help by facilitating more of an interactive experience.
  4. Bots aren't able to bore customers with irrelevant or irrelevant content which keeps them longer on your site. They also help to keep content flowing, the conversation.


Customer service has been improved: Bots could provide real-time support in the same way that an agent would in a store.

Additionally, they can offer interactive communications wherein they can ask questions to discover the real issue. Bots could be programmed so that they give automated responses to frequently asked questions immediately and then forward the request to an actual person if an additional step is needed. Track consumer information and gain insight into the behavior of customers Bots are fantastic tools for communication. Based on the feedback they can gather through easy inquiries, make improvements on services and products, and can even optimize the website by altering pages that are not converting well. Bots can also be employed to track buying patterns and behaviors through tracking user information.


Brands can monitor the responses and commands made by users to the bot and predict responses according to the language spoken by the user, and instruct it to recommend a new service or provider, or a more appropriate one.

Cost savings: It's more affordable and quicker to develop fully functional bots than developing an app that runs on multiple platforms or hiring staff. Companies have a variety of options from pre-built software solutions created by Microsoft or Facebook in addition to other customized app development services. Since they are automated, bots let companies handle a variety of customers in a coordinated manner. Utilizing chatbots to be in sync with human staff the company can cut down on salaries, and prevent issues that could result from human error.

An easier global market strategy: Bots could help resolve customer issues 24/7, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in multiple languages, no matter if your brand is an international one or local but is ready to expand worldwide. It would be possible to expand your services to new markets without having to be concerned about managing the volume of inquiries.

More effective leads generation and nurturing as well as qualification. Bots can receive data from consumers, making personalization possible. This aids consumers in their journey. Chatbots can ask pertinent and pertinent questions, persuade the user to take action, and generate leads for your business.

Additionally, they ensure that the flow of information is in the right direction for greater conversion rates. Chatbots are not only a means of contacting sales personnel and generating potential customers, can assist in determining leads that are not qualified by identifying KPIs, such instance, relevance, budget to timeline, resources and many more. Additionally, they can save the need to deal with leads that take up much of your time.


Utilizing chatbots in business offers many advantages. Nowadays, managing your businesses using chatbots and live chat support is much more effective. PerfectionGeeks has been considered as the best chatbot app development company as you can improve your customer experience through an approach to support that is hybrid and offers two sides of one thing.