The Best Website Builder 2022: For a small business, eCommerce, and more

If you have a small business without a website, probably your business does not have that much existence; and value. Or you are not willing to scale it. And if you are among the people who wish to have a website and are looking for the right website builder tool, you are at the right place. Here in this article, you will find the best website builder tools for eCommerce and small businesses. Needless to mention, you are going to get all the required information.  Making a rigid website with an excellent design is not easy, and it remains out of reach of small business owners.

But now, it is possible to develop a website with the best small business website builder. With the help of a builder, any person can develop a site without developers or designers. Hence, website builders for small businesses become the perfect tool for businesses with tight budgets.

Here in this post, the catalog of the best website builder for small businesses includes- WordPress, Wix, Duda, Designmodo, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Shopify, and Weebly; some site builders are also available with a free version.


WordPress is among the best builder tools available in the market. It provides content management software (CMS) and website hosting at a reasonable price. WordPress gives a simple path to create blogs, portfolios, resumes, membership websites, forums, and business websites.       

Its pros side is it provides the CMS and the smart tags. It has inbuilt design features and a variety of themes and plugins. It offers a free plan and drags drops feature as well.

Its cons side is it has plugin conflicts. It is highly customizable, but sometimes easily breakable. The free plan users cannot install plugins and custom codes. 


It is the best for building a free website and ideal for photographers or designers, but it is not the best fit for a rigid eCommerce solution for businesses with optimal speed. Businesses should not keep it as their first choice.

Its pro side is, it is easy to use, and because of this, it scores out most website builders. It does not require coding or technology learning. A wide number of templates and design options are available with its free version.

Its cons side is that the eCommerce option is costly. It has a slow loading speed compared to other builder tools.


Duda is the best platform for SaaS integration. Also, it has client management tools for managing as well as building sites at a large scale.

Its pros side is, it provides outstanding customer support.  It does not charge additional commission fees. It is cost-effective for small businesses; it offers a lot of services at cheaper prices as compared to services available in the market.

Its cons side is, it does not offer a comprehensive design control set. Also, it should improve its mobile design capability.


It is a static website builder tool to develop an animated, properly designed site. If you are seeking a professional-looking site for your business, you can use their premium products.

Its pros side is, it gives excellent customer support. Also, it catapults an idea with the presentation. It provides fair pricing. And its precise codes are helpful to load sites fast.

Its cons side is, it does not offer a comprehensive web design control set. 


It is one of the best website builder for small businesses and eCommerce. The platform empowers small businesses to design a site without coding.

Its pro side is, it doesn’t charge any fees for the third-party payment gateways. It supports multiple currencies and market platforms. Also, it offers comprehensive features at entry-level packages.

Its cons side is its editing and design capability. It should improve its page speed, and include abandoned cart functionality in the standard price plan.


It is also one of the best website builder companies. The site is helpful for entrepreneurs and artists.

Its pros side is, it is easy to implement. And it is aesthetically pleasing. Apart from others, it offers SEO tools and all in one platform (for blogs, eCommerce and domain hosting, etc.). It offers elegant and modern templates. 

Its cons side is, one needs to upgrade to a business plan to avail of all the powerful features. Also, it needs to counter the multi-language approach. 

Square (Formerly known as Weebly):

It is a website builder tool for small businesses, and it helps small businesses to design a website from scratch at a low price.

Its pros side is, it is easy to set up, it can change the template without changing the content. A large number of templates and building blocks are available on the Square. There are also free plans available on Square.

Its cons side is, it provides limited SEO functionality. You cannot move the elements freely.

Shopify is also one of the most accepted builders, but it is a store builder. It is costly. You cannot opt for heavy customization. Utilize WordPress instead to develop a best website for small business.

Social media could not provide a rigid customer base and marketing; one should not depend on it. Therefore, a business website is a must for small businesses. In addition to that, for the customers, your site helps them to build more trust in your brand.

It is all about the best website builders in 2022 for small businesses and eCommerce; if you are looking for the best website design for small businesses, hire professionals like the US-based JanBusk Digital Design.


Can one create a business website for free of cost?

Yes, but it provides limited features; it is advisable to use at least a standard pricing package.

Can you suggest the best website builder?

Yes, go for WordPress.

Are and two different things?

Yes, they are; it is advisable to use them as per your suitability.

Why are website builder tools/applications significant today?

Here are some reasons why website builder applications are the need of time.

- They are best when you have limited skills, less time, and a low budget.

- One can develop a website very easily and fast.

- They make you save money and help you maintain your website without professionals.