Are Mobile apps really the future of the Education Industry?

Amidst this pandemic, the education industry has undergone a major transformation. And Education is all about creativity and applying that knowledge rather than lectures, notes, and assignments.

What once was just a dream classroom with four walls is now available from any location on the globe. While technology has advanced swiftly, it has only lately been fully utilized in the education field. It might come as a surprise to learn that education is the third most popular app category on the app store worldwide.

As an ed-tech startup or enterprise, you must be thinking is it really feasible to have a mobile app for the same? Well, In this article from B2C info the perfect to hire Best education app development Company brings the perfect answer to that question. So stay tuned with us for it.

Popular Educations that are ruling 2022

Here are the top education apps that are ruling 2022 and will force you to avail e-learning app development solutions today for the next big edtech idea.


It is an on-demand educational platform offering over 130,000 courses to both working professionals and students as well as how are doing it via interactive videos. The app offers a variety of courses on a multi-industry basis. The features that Udemy comes with are also some features that are enabled in all the on-demand tutoring apps.


It is ranked among the best education category allowing users to learn over 30 languages in the most effective and easiest way possible. This app is absolutely free to download, we are not promoting it. Not just learning, students can also track their progress by installing the app on their phones and other digital devices.

Benefits of Mobile Learning Apps

The possibility to check and access all the study material from any location at any time makes the process quite simple and convenient. In these changing times, mobile phones provide instant access to information. Here are some benefits of creating a learning app.

Learning becomes very easy and Flexible

By eliminating the need for learning to take place at a specific time and in a specific location, online learning has become very flexible. Educational resources, such as movies, podcasts, and other multimedia forms, are now available on smartphones and tablets, allowing for even more learning flexibility. Furthermore, learners, enjoy easy access to this content from mobile or any other device at any time from any location.

Leverage to Multiple Devices

Training of employees or students should be convenient as possible you can. And with the technological advancements, the same e-learning courses may be accessed on any device that a student would be at use on regular basis.

Enhanced Performance

Students prefer learning approaches that do not hinder their daily schedules, as a result, learning habit is formed which nurture their learning and enhances their professional performance.

Technology Trends changing the complexion of the Education Sector

App-based learning is the next big thing in the education sector, but there’s more to it than meets the human eye. We will discuss various technologies that are deployed to make the digital solution World Class.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has progressively become a part of our lives whether it’s watching TV or shopping. AI has a great impact on app development for several industries. This technology will alter the educational experience in a variety of ways. In the education sector, AI has brought personalization to its users.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment (VR). In the last two years, VR has made significant progress in mobile app development and it emerged as a prominent tool for students to enhance their learning process.

Augmented Reality

AR is comparable to VR in that it stimulates effects in the real world rather than building new virtual worlds. The best example is Google Terminate which has the ability to translate text recorded via your camera in real-time. You can play interactive learning games with students using all the AR learning experiences.


Final Words

Online Education and e-learning have emerged as savers for the education industry that necessitates an app interface since the world has reached a new level of acceptance of technology meditated activities in all the fields.

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