Web Design and UI Trends to Keep Up Within 2022

The fast-paced UI/UX design industry has become a hub for constant innovation and integration of new technologies and trends over the past year as our everyday lives have increasingly shifted into the virtual realm. User experience (UX) plays a significant role today because every app or interface revolves around making the user feel comfortable navigating. This can be achieved only through an in-depth study of User Interface (UI.

In this blog, we look at the best UI/UX trends that have taken 2022 by storm.


The Most Up-to-Date UI Design Trends

1. Dark Mode

The dark mode is a user interface display setting in which light-coloured text, icons, and other UI elements are displayed on black or dark gray backgrounds or dark surfaces. It's the polar opposite of the popular light theme. It's also known as a dark theme, a black theme, a black mode, or a night mode.


2. Real-life photography

Animations and illustrations will soon be widespread. The use of real-life photos and high-quality product photography will then become a key differentiator. In terms of design trends, they'll surely make a strong reappearance. They will continue to make a credible and unique impact on end-users in the years ahead.


Because illustrations and animation may not be appropriate for every account/brand, depending on genuine images may be a better option. They make a tremendous difference, especially in the B2C online market; therefore, designing the UI with that in mind makes a lot of sense. 

3. Advanced Micro-interactions

Through sophisticated animations and page transitions, micro-interactions are becoming increasingly advanced and stunning. Micro-interactions contribute to the uniqueness and desirability of websites and products. They show a level of concern for the consumer that isn't always present in approximately of these consistent touchpoints.


4. Neumorphism

It's all about choosing the proper color palettes in Neomorphic design. Three shades of the same pigment are required for the Neumorphism Effect. For a light shadow, choose a light color. For the main background and element color, use a mid-toned color. For a dark shadow, choose a dark color.

Neumorphism was created by mixing skeuomorphism and flat design. Skeuomorphism established the groundwork for the flat design and minimalistic interface design.


5. Voice Activated User Interfaces

VUIs allow users to communicate with a system using voice or speech instructions. VUIs include digital assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. The main benefit of a VUI is that it allows users to engage with a product without having to use their hands or their eyes, allowing them to focus on other things.


6. Oval and arched border-radius

The "oval and arched border-radius" is the first retro trend.  Cropping photographs into ovals and arches with a thin border set slightly apart from the image, following the archway or oval shape, is a popular style.

This fashion and portfolio presenting trends are trendy, and they promote the use of graphic design online.


Designers and users alike have grown accustomed to large fonts standing proudly in the foreground of their landing pages. This trend is all about the bigger, the better, whether it's enormous and grotesque sans serifs or contemporary and lux serifs. Websites make stronger statements than ever before. With the help of UI/UX design courses in Bangalore, the upcoming designers can be careful in the selection of fonts to capture the audience's attention and effectively deliver their messages.