10 Web Design Trends for 2023

We’ve started seeing web design trends for 2023 emerging, and as a developer, you should start having an idea of what web design trends will rock in 2023 to enhance engagement and drive a client’s goal. Not everything will change in 2023, but some design trends will revamp how we design websites and what to focus on during the design.

If you’ve not thought of what web designs to implement in 2023, this guide details the ten trends worth your attention.

1. Page Speed

A website’s speed performance is a trend we expect to focus on. How fast a website’s page loads affect its SEO ranking, and Google has a key focus on a page’s speed in its search results. So, when designing a website, we must focus on increasing its loading speed to stay ahead of competitor sites.

Whether creating a new page design or updating a site, focus on its speed. A slow site loses traffic, conversions, and ranking in search results. You can enhance the page speed by compressing your images, using CDN, and simplifying your code. If you have a slow site, you can hire a freelance JS developer to optimize it and enhance its performance.

2.  SEO

New web design models now focus on increasing site visibility and ranking through SEO. The goal is to add value to what the viewers find on your site. Taking a people-focused approach will see your website get more organic traffic.

3.  Accessibility

Another web design trend is enhancing a site’s accessibility. There are web content accessibility guidelines that every site should consider. Ideally, the trend involves ensuring inclusive accessibility to accommodate the disabled.

For instance, if using a CMS like WordPress, you should utilize various plugins that enhance the accessibility of your site. Quick tips for enhancing accessibility include using alternative texts for images on your site, a bold color, and proper headings so that you won’t strain anyone viewing your website.

4.  Scrolling Effects

 Making your content scrollable when the viewers are consuming your content is a new web design trend. This scrolling feature makes your site interactive. You can make your web design scrollable from left to right or move some elements as the viewer keeps scrolling.

5.  Animations

Using animations on your site is another web design trend. Many websites have added animations to different sections, such as a call to action and a homepage. When well utilized, animations can retain users and increase their likelihood of sticking around to see what you offer.

The trick is to creatively use GIFs or other animations without overdoing it. A looping GIF that represents your brand can do the trick. You can add it to your homepage. For instance, if your website is about clothing, you can use animations to show how different clothing looks when worn.

A viewer will view the animation and imagine how the particular item would look on them. Thus, they are more likely to engage with your products and analyze other items on your site.

6.  3D Visuals

Most platforms now utilize VR technology to add 3D visuals that spice their site's appearance. You can add a 3D visual demonstrating your product or as part of your landing page. Visitors will be more inclined to stick to your site due to the 3D visuals that you’ve added.

The goal is to achieve a stylistic appearance that drives confidence in the viewer while leaving an impressive impression.

7.  Bold Color

Your color pallet needs an evaluation. Colors hugely impact customer retention and play a huge role in brand identity. You must remain consistent and keep a fresh color pallet that accommodates everyone.

A web design should consider updating colors, and color pallets keep getting revamped. So, you should keep an eye on what color pallets are getting a significant impression and update your web design to utilize those pallets.

8.  Minimalism

A new trend is to keep your web design simple and minimalist. Adding more details to the design kills the attractiveness of your site. Therefore, be brief in your design and focus on quality over quantity. The point is to design a simple, clean, and descriptive design. You will retain more viewers with it.

9.  Custom Illustrations

Websites are now shifting to using illustrations instead of staged photos. Once you understand what your customers want, create an illustration showcasing what your brand is about and what value the viewer will gain from the site. Illustrations are mainly used on landing and about us pages.

10. Video Content

Businesses are now integrating videos into their sites. Your site can remain competitive while enjoying more engagement when you have video content added to it. People engage more with videos than text. So, if you have a video explaining how your product works, integrating it is the best idea instead of having a wordy article explaining the details.


If you want to remain competitive and grow your business, you must take note of the new web design trends. Implementing these design trends will help retain more viewers, grow your brand, and increase sales for your site.