Top 10 Website Redesign Mistakes

Are you planning to redesign your website? Make a solid plan, and don't make these website redesign mistakes.

Here is a list of the top 10 mistakes to avoid in a website redesign.

1. Not analyzing your current web design

Find out the opportunities you are missing and things that are working and not working on your current website.

2. Not setting goals

Setting a clear goal and a process for the website redesign is crucial for your website to succeed.

3. Aesthetics over functionality

The main purpose of a website redesign is to make it look better than the previous one, but you must also focus on making it work better than the previous one.

4. Not setting enough budget

You must set a realistic budget for your website redesign, as websites represent your business on online platforms. They can help reach many users and convert them to achieve higher ROI.

5. Not giving enough time to web designers

Setting deadlines is okay, and you must set deadlines for the work to be done on time, but setting unrealistic deadlines will spoil the work.

6. Choosing the wrong design team

You need to choose the right people to work on your website redesign, as if something goes wrong, your whole efforts will be wasted.

7. Not focusing on the SEO

Focus on making your website SEO-friendly and follow all the best practices of SEO, which are required to make it rank well on search engines.

8. Not having a proper content strategy

Content is as important for the website as its design and functionality. It helps you in your SEO strategy. You must focus on writing fresh content, keeping in mind all the keywords and other metrics.

9. Not making your website mobile-friendly

The number of people who open a website on their mobile phones is higher than the ones who open it on laptops and desktops. Therefore, it is beneficial to make your website design responsive and mobile-friendly.

10. Not making efforts after the launch of the new website

Informing your clients about the new launch, testing your website, making it SEO-friendly, and updating the content, many things are to be done. Focus on working on all the areas that were left in your previous design.


A smart strategy and a good website design team are the only two things that you need to turn your website into a profitable business.