Avoid Turning Your Site Into A Pop-up Nightmare

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We've all experienced the frustration of pop-up windows. Some sites are so loaded with pop-ups that your visit turns into a pop-up window zapping game. You eliminate one just to have another take its place.

It's too bad such a good advertising technique has been abused to the point that pop-up advertising has basically become ineffective. Customers have become so overwhelmed by pop-ups that they don't even bother to read the advertisements, sometime becoming obsessed with closing the pop-ups as fast as they appear. Too many pop-up ads can actually cause a customer to leave your site.

Due to this pop-up abuse, the use of pop-up windows has been on the decline since its heyday a few years ago. However, many Internet marketers continue to have success with pop-up advertising. How? They've made their pop-ups less annoying.

One way to do this is to reduce the amount of pop-ups on your site. Having more than one pop-up per page on your website quickly becomes a nuisance. Definitely limit your pop-ups to one per page, or less.

Another way to make pop-ups more appealing is to make it easy to escape. If the surfer has trouble locating the X to close the window, they will become frustrated and leave your site. Don't make the mistake of trapping your customer in a pop-up window prison. Allow them to escape easily to enjoy the rich content on your website.

Many Internet marketers have adjusted their pop-up strategies. They now employ what is called a pop-under window. This is truly a less annoying form of pop-up advertising. When the surfer comes to your site, a window is discretely opened behind your web-page. After the customer comfortably peruses your site for the information they want, and clicks out of your site, they will see the ad and be more likely to respond. This creates a much more favorable experience than bombarding them with pop-ups while they try to enjoy your website.

Other pointers to keep in mind include creating a large headline that details the benefits to the customer. Also, Make the advertisement simple and to the point. Customers do not like to read long and drawn out advertisements.

With a little forethought you can avoid making your website a pop-up nightmare. These suggestions can make the use of pop-ups, or pop-unders, appealing to your potential customers. Yes, the proper use of pop-ups can generate profits for your Internet business.