Web Design / 18.11.2019

6 Ways To Improve Your Agile Automated Testing Process

by Stella Murugesan

An agile software process should be capable of producing effective code and new code after each iteration in no time. ...

Web Design / 18.11.2019

6 Ways to Protect WordPress from Hacking

by Elena Velikova

Considering that WordPress is used by 34.8% of all the websites and that it has a market share of 61.6%, ...

Web Design / 14.11.2019

7 Point Checklist For Developers Turning HTML Into WordPress Website

by Brandon Graves

The immense popularity of WordPress among website owners has led to a rise in demands for conversion projects like turning HTML ...

Web Design / 06.11.2019

Here's Why Landing Pages Are So Imperative for Startups

by Senter Vina

Running a business in today's rapidly growing digital landscape is quite challenging if you fail to use cutting-edge marketing tools ...

Web Design / 24.10.2019

What Beginners Need To Know About CSS

by Stacy Richards

CSS, also called Cascading Styles Sheets, is a method used to present HTML. HTML is usually the content while the ...

Web Design / 21.10.2019

4 Enterprise Use Cases That Define The Popularity Of Node.JS

by Manoj Rupareliya

If you think of the Javascript universe, node.js has gained traction like no other as a runtime environment and framework ...

Web Design / 14.10.2019

5 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Online Store

by Tatiana Podus

A website is one of the key tools for generating sales and promoting your brand. However, for your website to ...

Web Design / 07.10.2019

Top Tips To Keep In Mind Before Hiring A Software Developer

by Charlie Brown

The top business models around the world rely on custom software. It helps when there are specific goals to be ...

Web Design / 04.10.2019

Best Strategy to On-Page SEO for Ecommerce Websites

by Birendra Kumar

On-page SEO can help your ecommerce website rank higher, engage users, drive more traffic, and convert more leads. People typically start their ...

Web Design / 04.10.2019

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Website for Your Business

by Amaara M

If you are running a small business and feel that it is time to expand and make to reach out ...