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2014 Top 10 Awards: Best of the Year

PromotionWorld is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2014 Annual Digital Marketing Awards.

The 2014 Annual Digital Marketing Awards honored the companies which have fully incorporated all elements involved in producing successful digital campaigns and online presence for their clients. They sought out real-time opportunities and joined the forces of mobile and social together to reach online audiences.

The 2014 winners are the companies that can navigate through the huge amount of data, filter the noise and drive strategies that lead to increased leads and sales. They turn vision into action and never stop learning, listening and looking ahead. Thus, those providers naturally stood at the forefront of the dynamic and fast moving digital marketing industry.

Commenced in 2006, the PromotionWorld Annual Awards have grown to be one of the most prestigious digital marketing awards of their kind.

Annual Digital Marketing Awards Winners Lists 2014

Without further ado, the following winners join the ranks of the Awards victors:

Best PPC Management Company

Intrapromote LLC

When ranking the firms, the PromotionWorld team takes into consideration a suite of factors, including offered services, package diversity, customer support, new products and services, feedback, website popularity, and overall performance of the selected companies.

Readers' Choice is a unique award that encourages online communities to recognize the contribution of the digital marketing companies that not only kept up with the ever-changing digital landscape but developed new cutting-edge strategies, and inspired others with their vision, leadership and achievements throughout 2014.

This is a chance for the marketing companies to receive acclaim as an innovator, be recognized by industry peers and customers and stand out from the crowd.

This year over 54,000 visitors took part in both nominations and voting rounds of the campaign and elected the winners.

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