About the Awards

Welcome to the 13th Annual Digital Marketing Awards. They are a global recognition of innovators and market leaders, set up to reward outstanding contributions within the internet marketing industry. Commenced in 2006, the PromotionWorld`s Annual Awards have grown to be one of the most prestigious digital marketing awards of their kind.

The 2018 Annual Awards take a fresh look at the best search engine marketing companies on the web. The awards will honor compelling companies that have shown excellence in the rapidly changing digital marketing environment and have made the biggest impact on the industry during the year. Only 10 exceptional companies will win in each category.

A total of 10 categories will be awarded:

  • Best SEO Company
  • Best PPC Management Company
  • Best SEM Company
  • Best Social Media Marketing Company
  • Best Local Search Company
  • Best Reputation Management
  • Best Enterprise SEO Company
  • Best Content Marketing Company
  • Best Conversion Rate Optimization Company
  • Readers` Choice Award

Ranking Criteria:

When ranking the firms, the PromotionWorld team takes into consideration a suite of factors, including offered services, package diversity, customer support, new products and services, feedback, website popularity, and overall performance of the selected companies.

Readers` Choice Awards are part of the PromotionWorld`s Annual Digital Marketing Awards, and it is a community-focused competition recognizing the best SEO companies of 2018.

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