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10 Useful Secrets For Orkut, Myspace And Other Social Networking Sites

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by Arthur Arthur Raise Raise
December 03, 2008

Arthur Arthur Raise Raise

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Social networking websites like Orkut, Myspace, Yahoo and more are channels through which people communicate, find lost friends, tap resources, and even find work.

Online it is said to be the most vibrant and action packed space.

Online communities provide information, spur creativity, channel new designs in technology, and bring like-minded people closer to one another. From the PC or laptop a person can connect and communicate with the whole world. There are over 400 plus social networking sites online facilitating business and social networking. The online community can congregate each day 24/7 according to specific needs or interests; music, sports, gaming, trekking, every human interest or activity has spurred its own unique social networking website or channel. It is not city specific but global.

1. Join a social networking site that signifies you. Do an online search and go through the directories on social networking to identify what interests you the most.

2. Never sign up or join on an impulse take the time to read about the website and browse through many similar sites until you find one that suits your needs. Read and understand the rules and privacy statements.

3. Once you have found a social networking website that is “you” go ahead and register. When choosing a user name think of its use if you are registering for business purposes the name should trigger off recall. So curb the flights of fantasy and use a name that is practical and will showcase you to the world.

4. Choose the level of membership. Basic memberships are usually free but paid ones have more features. Begin with a free membership and then upgrade once you are comfortable.

5. Fill the user profile with care and think of how your profile will be distinctive from others. In networking unless your profile stands out you will be one among an ocean of profiles. To draw benefits from the site you need to create a clear profile and maximize it by innovating on the layout.

6. Browse the World Wide Web for templates that are compatible with the social networking site you are registered on. Many templates are free while others are paid. Check before you select one.

7. Try and customize the layout. This will make your profile distinctive and unique. Add style, color, and panache by including clips, photos and more.

8. While customizing the layout think about the purpose of your profile. If its business then try and keep it dignified unless you are in a “hep” line of business like ornaments, cards, or music. Use fonts, colors, and graphics to add style.

9. Ensure that your profile has cohesiveness and actually represents you in every way. What drives traffic on social networking sites is a profile that grabs attention.

10. Network online successfully but pay attention to security and privacy too! Read up on how to protect yourself and ensure that social networking does not put you or your family in any dangers. While there are many positive aspects to social networking there are negatives too.



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