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What is Mobile App and What are its Pros and Cons

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by Anurag Agrawal
February 11, 2016

Anurag Agrawal

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Nowadays 90% of peoples are using Smartphone’s and also using lots of apps on their device. Every business owner wants a mobile app for their business to improve branding and awareness of their products. But, still many of them, who wants an mobile app for their business but they don’t know what mobile app is and how to implement it.

What is mobile application:

A mobile application is an portable software application that is especially designed to use on small wireless computing gadgets such as mobiles, tablets rather than desktops or laptop computers. We can also say that an mobile application is a lite version of any website through which a user can easily access it by their smart phone devices on anytime anywhere.

Basically mobile apps are essentially Smartphone compatible software programs designed to do any number of tasks.

Today many types mobile apps are available like gaming apps, shopping apps, chatting apps, spying apps, photo-video sharing apps, music apps etc.

The Pros of mobile apps :

  • A huge number of peoples from all over the world uses smart phone and also are app savvy. 
  • App keep your product or brand legendary in the market and is keeps you ahead in any competition.
  • Apps help you to increase retention, trust and loyalty.
  • Apps are load faster than any mobile or desktop website.
  • Most of the Mobile apps are also available offline except transaction where user will need to login. Like any shopping or banking related apps.
  • Mobile apps are very easy to use and also these are very space consuming rather than any software.
  • Mobile apps can be easily downloaded and are available at app stores such as iTune, Google play etc.

The cons of Mobile apps:

  • A mobile App needs to be made to suit each and every platform, Android, Windows, iPhone, etc. which can be costly and timely.
  • A mobile app that’s just a smaller version of your website won’t work hard enough for you and could even damage the perception of your brand.

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