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7 Essential Tips For Creating Videos That Drives Traffic To Your Website

Videography Tricks Professionals Have Been Using Effectively For Years To Create Wonderful Videos

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by Eric Jones
March 16, 2017

Eric Jones

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When you create a video you want it to go viral. If you're lucky, it will bring an avalanche of visitors to your website. You have to realize marketing videos is a little different to written content. Google can't watch it and determine it has 2,000 words, which the bots can do with blog posts.

There are a few SEO tricks you can use in your marketing efforts, but it essentially boils down to people sharing your videos if they like them. It's an art form and there are ways you can manipulate it, which we're going to look at today. These tips should help you become a richer videographer.

Create A Powerful Storyline

Every video should have a powerful storyline. Humans have been passing down stories through the generations, but do you think they would do the same if the stories weren't powerful enough to amaze them?

In the same way people pass down stories, they'll share your videos if they resonate with them. A video storyline doesn't even need to be positive, but it should hit everyone on an emotional level.

Focus On The Beginning Of The Video

It's already common knowledge only a small percentage of readers make it down to the end of a written article. They usually read the first few lines and disappear, which is why copywriting is a crucial skill to learn.

With videos the same kind of thing happens because people only watch the start of a video. After about the first 10 seconds they've already decided if they're going to spend a chunk of their day watching it or not.

Be Very Careful With Advertisements

I know this is going to affect people starting out because they won't be making a lot of money. They might be tempted to put ads into their videos, but remember what we've just said about the first 10 seconds.

This applies to ads scattered throughout the entire video too. If you can add them successfully then more power to you, but they're going to scare away viewers who could have shared your video with more people.

Pattern Interruption Works

Filmmakers have obviously known about this for years, but it's funny to see YouTubers will small followings using the tactic. Somebody must have let the word out and everyone is going crazy over it.

When viewers watch your videos for longer they're more likely to share them, so you don't want anyone to get bored and click away. Something as simple as displaying an image on the screen for a second can keep them engaged.

Relate To Your Audience

When marketers try to impress their viewers they put up this image of perfection, which the audience won't be able to relate to. They want to know you have your vulnerabilities just like them and everything isn't always rosy.

It won't make you look like a weak person. It will make you look like a human being and your viewers will see you in a new light. When they like you they'll do all the marketing for you.

You Should Teach People Something

It would be wise to remember you can't spend hours and hours creating videos for entertainment purposes all the time. As a marketer you do want results, which means making a video that increases your sales.

Sometimes it's easy to forget to teach people something when you're shooting a video. If they walk away with more knowledge than they started with they'll assume you're an authority in your industry.

Improve Your Video Quality

We talked about YouTubers earlier on and it's worth bringing them up again. Even amateurs are shooting videos with expensive cameras these days and it means viewers will expect a better final product.

You don't need to go out and spend thousands on a new camera, but basic external microphones and luminous lamps certainly help. It's also amazing what you can do with cheap editing software once you've mastered it.

Watch All The Traffic Role In

Video marketing is going to become absolutely huge in the next few years. The fact everyone is consuming more content on smartphones will play a huge part in this. It's a good idea to become great at making videos this year, because it's going to benefit your business a lot further down the road.


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