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The Mobile App Marketing Conundrum for Businesses

Mobile app marketing is one such complex approach that consumes both time and effort for the marketers involved in the process.

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by Vivek V Shah
October 11, 2017

Vivek V Shah

Vivek Shah is the founder and CEO of Capermint Technologies: A leading Mobile Game Development company. As a CEO, he likes to help other Gaming Studio/Companies to transform their gaming ideas into reality.

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Mobile app marketing is one such complex approach that consumes both time and effort for the marketers involved in the process. However, if the process of implementation and execution is properly planned, it can provide immense benefits. This process focuses majorly on the end-users of the app. Any mobile game development company concerns mostly on the target audience and the global market trends.

The way mobile app marketing has evolved over the past years has changed the outlook of every mobile app development company. With the advent of advanced mobile devices involving a lot more connectivity, marketing has gone beyond web marketing ploys. It has practically changed the face of conventional marketing and the way mobile app development companies utilize different ploys and strategies in their business. It also offers various benefits in terms of finance, growth and stability.
With the advancement of mobile app marketing, ideal mobile app development companies seek to provide more benefits to its users including feature customization, easy tracking, lower cost, and so on. Entrepreneurs and marketers follow the mobile app marketing approaches to derive better business benefits and profits.

Just like every coin has two sides, so does mobile app marketing includes several benefits and loopholes. Let us know more about the benefits and inherent loopholes of mobile app marketing strategies.
Benefits of a sound mobile app marketing strategy

  • Virtual information everywhere - The number of smartphone users has contributed to both marketing and digital world engagement. The mobile medium allows the users to issue promotional benefits and marketing incentive services. Every user can keep the virtual information with him, carry it along and use it anytime.
  • Changes in marketing approach - Smartphones have become a basic necessity in everyone’s life. The purpose of owning a smartphone no longer remains the same. Today it is the most powerful medium to connect to the rest of the world. Exchanging information has become easier than before. Hence mobile app marketing strategies have changed drastically
  • Quick tracking of information - Marketers and analysts can track user responses for their businesses and mobile apps. These help the marketers to improve the performances and deliver optimized solutions to its end users.
  • Huge Traffic on mobile platforms - According to surveys, heavy traffic on social media is noticed from mobile phones itself. This has opened the concepts of social media marketing and the effective businesses through it.
  • Convenient mobile-based transactions - With secured digital transactions, mobile payments have become very convenient. Many digital apps have arrived in the market and contributed to the world of mobile app marketing.
  • Engagement of a wide audience -Mobile marketing helps the marketers reach and engage wider and diverse audience, especially in the remote regions of the world. It also provides the entrepreneurs with the advantage of geo-location; sending location-specific messages to users, using technologies such as GPS and Bluetooth.
  • User Engagement in E-commerce and mobile commerce - Mobile app marketing also boosts the growth and continuous user engagement in the ecommerce business platforms.

Loopholes affecting mobile app marketing strategies

  • One Campaign for all - Mobile devices differs in sizes, specifications, OS compatibility and mobile platforms. They do not have such standards when compared to PCs, desktops and laptops. Hence it gets difficult while creating one campaign for all.
  • Effect of ads on user privacy and permissions - Mobile marketers, involve ads and promotional activities to generate revenues; this in some way hampers the user’s data permissions and privacy. So marketers need to understand the need for data privacy and security along with customer experiences.
  • Small screen problems for ad clicks - The mobile phones are basically compact versions of desktop and laptops. The navigation on a smaller mobile device may get difficult for the user, even if the device is a touchscreen. Due to such navigation issues, most ads may go untouched, as the user may find it difficult to pay attention to every detail involved in the ads.

In the future mobile apps prove to be an incredibly powerful medium to connect with the customers and drive the company marketing’s efforts ahead. So it is equally important to analyze the advantages and shortcomings of mobile app marketing approach before diving into the pool of resources for quick action. Keeping in mind these points, you can strategize and improve your app’s chances of success thus creating a powerful marketing strategy for your mobile app development progress.


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