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4 Killer Joint Venture Marketing Tactics!

by Larry Dotson October 18, 2003
Co-Op Ad For An E-zine Ad. First find a targeted e-zine in which you would want to buy an ad. You would then persuade four other businesses to join in on the cost of the ad. In return they would get a space on the web site you are advertising. You would ask the four businesses to pay you 1/4 of the ad’s cost.

4 Ways To Save A Dying Product!

by Larry Dotson October 18, 2003
Create A New Niche. Create a new niche for a current product. You can set yourself apart from your competition by creating a niche. Your product could be faster, bigger, smaller, or quicker than you competitor's product.

Low Key Marketing

by Bob Osgoodby October 18, 2003
Email marketing, if done correctly, is one of the most effective network marketing tools available. Now I am not condoning "spam" which is a practice widely used today.

Pick Up the Slack

by Bob Osgoodby October 18, 2003
Many people in business on the Internet try to market only one product. If the demand for that product is weak or if the demand dries up, they are virtually out of business.

How To Earn A Great, Long-term On-line Income

by Willie Crawford October 18, 2003
Everybody wants to make their on-line fortune instantly. We don't want to slowly build our on-line empires. This is what drives many of the ebooks and special reports that I see lately.

2 Secrets of Unstoppable Growth

by Jonathan Gray October 18, 2003
Let me get to the point... You can use someone else's credibility to give you unstoppable growth! Here are two really simple ways to do it.

Ad Space

by Bob Osgoodby October 17, 2003
Ad space in an ezine or on a web site, is just that - space, and the web has no magical powers. If you write a bad ad, you will not get responses.

Wrapping Up Profits with a Package Deal

by Marcia Yudkin October 17, 2003
A landscaping company complained to a reporter that instead of carefully defining their needs, interested prospects say, "Send us a proposal".


by Madhu Kumar October 16, 2003
The media editors are receiving hundreds (even thousands) of Press Releases daily and they have no much time to spend on each one. First of all, they look at the head line and if it is interesting, they go through the body of your PR.

Test Your Marketing Strategies & Systems Or Fail...

by Duncan Carver October 16, 2003
If you're not currently testing your marketing strategies & systems, you're in serious trouble.

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